Health | October 25th 2018

How I Balanced My Hormones to Overhaul My Beauty Routine

Written by Desiree Pais

Over the last few years, beauty has become one of the most important things in the world to me. When I was eighteen, I began to experience acne that would come and go, only to worsen in my early to mid-twenties. Anyone who has had a blemish or a face covered in them knows it not only affects your skin but affects your entire being, and most of all, can wreak havoc on your self-esteem. I became obsessed with finding a cure. I searched high and low. I’ve tried every product. I’ve gone to all the healers, the curers, the experts. I’ve done three yoga teacher trainings, a Master’s degree in Chinese Medicine / Acupuncture, and have drank every green juice that I could find in New York City and beyond. It took nine years to realize that what I was doing was not working, for the blemishes would come and go like an old ex-boyfriend that would resurface right when things are going great. I knew it was time to try something different.

I knew that acne is a result of hormonal imbalance, and since my diet was quite clean and in alignment with balancing my hormones thanks to WomanCode, I began to make the connection more to the psycho-emotional manifestation of the condition. The renowned Louise Hay states that blemishes come from a dislike of the self and inner anger. And I realized, I had become so obsessed with trying to fix myself that I had lost myself in the process. I lost who I was and forgot how incredible I am on the inside, which could then reflect on the outside as an unparalleled radiance.

At the end of 2017, I made myself a promise: for one month I was going to stop trying to fix myself and start living. Start enjoying life. Start seeking the beauty, the pleasure, the creativity, the sensuality, the excitement. I became obsessed, like a wild scientist, with what made women beautiful and what made them insecure. I would watch my most gorgeous friends, and let me tell you it wasn’t so much about physical beauty but the way they held themselves, and began to notice the connection amongst them all: beauty, real beauty, comes from unshakeable confidence, which comes from being comfortable in one’s skin, which comes from increasing sensuality into one’s life.

Sensuality is not just sexual in nature. Imagine French women and how they take care of themselves. It’s slow, leisure, luxurious, and indulges in all the five senses. And of course, this is how a woman can begin to balance her hormones, for beauty and radiance comes in slowness and sensuality. I began to change my beauty and wellness routine to reflect that. It became less about what vitamins I was taking and more about how much I could act like a French woman (which I must have been in a past life…) even as a young entrepreneur living in New York City. As time went on, this new morning routine and new way of living not only helped clear up my skin but it ushered me into a new era of womanhood: confident, sensual, powerful, and comfortable in my own skin.


First thing a woman should do when she wakes up is stretch in bed like a cat. Cats are actually very sensual and mystical creatures and were revered in Ancient Egypt. I mean, look at how one of the most famous beauty looks emulates the ever-seductive cat eye… When a woman stretches in the morning in bed, it awakens and balances all the meridians after sleeping at night and brings her back to her center.


I teach Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, which is one of the most powerful practices in the world. Within that practice, the Master, Yogi Bhajan, left more teachings on how to be a Woman than anyone or anything else on the planet, which are the same practices I do and teach in New York + Los Angeles in classes + my monthly workshop, The Art of the Radiant Woman. The changes are swift and we have practices for almost everything – from breaking patterns to healing physical conditions to my favorite, the more esoteric and mystical meditations. After practicing and teaching for almost five years, I’ve found that there are a few practices that every woman should do and I do these short practices first thing in the morning (well, after my bulletproof coffee, of course). My own practice is much longer, taking about an hour or so, filled with some of the most beautiful kriyas and meditations (yes, I even do one called Kriya to Become Enchantingly Beautiful…) but these short practices are a great place for anyone to start.

*3 Minutes of Each*

Ego Eradicator – this exercise not only energizes you (you need energy in order to feel good and have the power to follow your dreams) but it also clears your Arcline, which is the nucleus of your Aura / Magnetic Field. You want these to be clear and bright – this is what it means to be magnetic. If you have a strong magnetic field, you are confident, powerful, and everything you need in life can find you. An example of someone with a really strong and powerful magnetic field is Beyonce. You can just feel her power by looking at her.

Cat Cow – Three minutes of cat/cow a day helps to balance the glandular system, which is your hormones. Balanced hormones are the key to aging gracefully, clear + glowing skin, and a calm emotional state of being.

One Minute Breath – This is one of the most seemingly simple yet powerful meditations that strengthens your entire body and mind. It gives you power unlike anything else on the planet. It can heal your body and make your skin glow through oxygenating the system and strengthening your Pranic Body, which is your life-force and vitality. A woman with vitality is one of the most beautiful and sensual beings on the planet and extremely magnetic, attracting everything she desires.

Music to play during meditations: White Sun III songs like Teree Mer, Mere Lal Jio, and Say Saraswati are my absolute favorites (these can be found on spotify)

COLD SHOWER – Cold showers are an Rx in the Kundalini Yoga practice and their benefits are incomparable to anything on the planet. For a woman to have balanced hormones her body’s detoxification systems need to be working efficiently (this is why exercise is so important and I try to do something at least 20 minutes a day) or else toxins get stuck in the tiny capillaries of the body and cause us to age faster as well as have blemished, dull skin. Cold showers force the tiny capillaries open to clear out all the toxins from the body. They also strengthen the immune system and gives you grit, meaning you become an unstoppable force of nature. To add in more sensuality and beauty into this practice, I imagine I’m in Ancient Greece and bathing in cold water, like Aphrodite would have done. I then massage my entire body with the most luxurious oils I can find, and add in a few drops of Herbivore’s Orchid Facial Oil so that my entire body glows and smells unbelievable.


My skincare routine has changed so much as I’ve tried to find products that will keep my skin smooth, calm, and clear. A friend of mine noticed I was washing my face too much so for the last few months, I only wash my face in the evening. In the morning I use the Beauty Elixir by Caudalie to hydrate and freshen my skin. As Beauty Editor for Herbivore Botanicals, I am obviously a huge fan of the brand and have been religiously using their Lapis Facial Oil for the last year.  I take a few drops in my hand and blend gently, taking time to actually enjoy the process (think back to French Women and their leisurely beauty routines) rather than just slathering product on my face. When you actually massage product in, you bring fresh blood circulation to the area for healing and it also helps the ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin. I then use Vinosource Day Creme by Caudalie which is ultra-hydrating and nourishing. I’m a huge fan of Castor Oil. I apply it morning and night to my eyebrows to help them grow. I’m a Kristie Streicher brow girl, meaning no one touches my brows except for her! She put me on brow rehab a few years back and they have really began to grow into the most natural, bold, and yet feminine shape I have ever seen them. A strong brow makes me a feel like Cleopatra!


Finally, the most important thing a woman can do is adorn herself. The clothes and jewelry you choose for the day is the most important thing a woman can do consciously. It changes everything. If you just throw on sweatpants and walk out the door, your energy is one way. If you put on your favorite pants that hug your curves, that gorgeous sweater that brings out your eyes, those bold statement earrings that make you feel like a queen, and heels to boot, you are a completely different person. My dad always used to say, “When you look good, you feel good, when you feel good, you look good.”  Dressing up as a woman should NOT be reserved for first dates (this is how you end up feeling like you’re putting on an act – because you’re doing it for the date, not for yourself) but should be something you do every single day because you’re worth it to look beautiful. I love to wear white and gold, which activates the Radiant Body and increases the magnetic field by at least a foot. When your Radiant Body is bright, you’re extremely magnetic and it increases your confidence. Whenever I have a big interview or date I’m nervous about or event that I really want to have a powerful impact at, white clothes and beautiful gold earrings + rings are my go-to.