Beauty | March 5th 2017

How She Glows: April Gargiulo

It’s no secret how obsessed with Vintner’s Daughter we are and in this week’s How She Glows, we got the inside scoop on founder, April Gargiulo’s, beauty routine! Former winery owner, April discovered much of her expensive skincare products contained unlimited amounts of toxins that cause extensive threats to our skin. Her winemaking skills eventually translated into creating a botanic serum, that we are huge fans of (and we aren’t the only ones)! April’s skincare routine is more than just her products, but her lifestyle reflects her radiance and we can’t wait for you to read all about it!

What is your inside-out philosophy on 

Some of my favorite beauty rituals are the old fashion ones like meditation, drinking water, dry brushing, movement and of course, diet. I don’t eat gluten, cow dairy or refined sugar. I also like to have a 12-hour window each day where I don’t eat anything. Normally from 7:30 pm – 7:30  am. It’s like a daily fast and works wonders for me on so many levels.

What’s your morning routine?

I wake up and splash cool water on my face, apply toner (P50W) and a couple drops of Active Botanical Serum and am ready to go. I like beauty gadgets. Right now, I have an ice roller that I use almost every day. It feels so good and helps if I’ve been up with my kids all night and lacking beauty sleep. I bought it on Amazon for $25. If I have an event or am going out, I add mascara, black eyeliner, RMS luminizer, and a cheek and lip stain. I’m super minimal and prefer not to wear foundation on my skin. It makes me feel a bit claustrophobic.


What’s your night routine?

My night time routine is pretty much the same, except I use In Fiore cleanser first.

You’re raising daughters, how do you teach them what being beautiful means?

I want my girls to know that beauty is a sparkle in your eye that I believe comes from a place of gratitude and generosity.

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What are your tips and tricks?
I have 3 tips:
1. Genetics plays a big role, so love what you were born with.
2. Buy fewer products, but better, higher quality ones.3. Read the labels. Expensive doesn’t mean higher quality. I got into this business when I realized the $200 face cream I was using cost about $2 to produce. I’m not exaggerating.
What does self-care mean to you?

If I am not working, I am with my family, so traditional “self-care” stuff like manicures, massage and yoga retreats are not on my list of priorities. Instead, I take great joy in the idea that every breath, every movement, every word, every morsel can be an act of self-care. There is a lot of freedom in this way of thinking for me.

We certainly agree that beauty is a sparkle in your eye and comes from within! What a refreshing take on beauty. Thank you, April.