Beauty | November 20th 2017

How She Glows: Lauren Ash

We are so excited to re-introduce our series, How She Glows! In this series we are asking inspirational women in the Health, Beauty, and Fitness worlds to capture their daily skin routine and reveal secrets behind their glowing skin.

In this week’s series we talked to Lauren Ash to hear about her beauty routine that keeps her glowing daily. Founder of Black Girl in Om, Lauren is a creative entrepreneur and visionary most-recognized for her leadership prioritizing black women in the wellness and editorial fields. As the Founder and Creative Director of Black Girl In Om, she promotes holistic wellness for women of color through BGIO’s online publication, podcast, creative agency, and award-winning social media platforms. Lauren is also the co-founder of Lifestyle with Ivory + Ash, where she creates inspiring and educational affirmations on lifestyle goods for women of color.

Photography by Deun Ivory


What’s your morning routine?

I have two skincare brands, both created by incredible black women, that are responsible for my glow: Limegreen and The Afro Hair & Skin Co. Limegreen’s multi-wash is both my facial cleanser and body wash and The Afro Hair & Skin Co’s FLOW Perfectly Balanced Facial Oil keeps my skin nourished even as the weather turns cold and harsh.

Photography Courtesy of  Afro Skin & CO


My glow comes from my holistic wellness practices, too! At Black Girl In Om, we believe in inner beauty that radiates outward. My morning routine typically consists of journaling (à la Julia Cameron’s morning pages or listing some things I’m grateful for), a hearty smoothie with fruit, protein, and a dash of Moon Juice’s Beauty Dust, and mindfulness meditation. On Mondays: I have a recently implemented morning routine which involves an epsom-salt bath and listening to an album. Sticking to my daily and weekly morning routine is challenging, as I travel a lot and have a lot that I’m constantly juggling, but it’s always grounding which makes it so worth it.

What’s your night routine?

I’m honestly still working on establishing a fuller, more holistic night routine, however it currently consists of washing my face and then masking with Nubian Heritage’s African Black Soap mud mask or May Lindstrom skin’s luxurious Honey Mud, reflecting on my day and sending gratitude and love to my Grandmother (who has recently passed) for supporting me through it, dropping some lavender into my essential oil diffuser for some calming aromatherapy, and putting on white noise or Solgeffio healing frequencies to promote easeful sleep.

What does self-care mean to you?

Self-care is the ability to really discern what it is I need to give myself coupled with the strength and the willingness to actually give that to myself. It’s a continual journey, always changing, and requires honest intention, reflection, and vulnerability.

Photo by Deun Ivory


What’s your beauty mantra?

Beauty starts from within. I’m an advocate for doing things the natural way (as much as possible): using food as a source of healing and non-toxic ingredients as the first approach for outer beauty. This is the first year where I’ve felt fully comfortable bare faced in the world and it’s because I owned my glow through clean beauty rituals and started embracing skincare as self-care and self-love.

Five products you can’t live without currently?

Onya’e Naturals Hydrating Mist

Hanahana Beauty Shea Balm

Scratch Goods Lash + Brow Oil

True Botanicals Nutrient Mist

Limegreen Multi-Spray


As you celebrate your 3 year anniversary of Black Girl in Om and reflect on the experience, what are your biggest takeaways? In reference to the name of our series, how has Black Girl in Om helped YOU glow?


Photography by Deun Ivory


When I first started Black Girl In Om, it was from a space of necessity. There weren’t spaces available to me that centered black women in wellness, so I decided to create just that. One of my biggest takeaways from this journey is the enormous power of manifestation.

Three years ago, I began to speak, write, and act in intentional ways that truly did create new realities for myself and, now, hundreds of thousands of women of color around the world. Additionally, my mantra “what is for me can’t be taken from me” is a continual lesson on this journey which speaks to the power of faith over fear and trust over worry. I’ve repeatedly seen that the practice of mindfulness, gratitude, and trust in divine timing is more powerful than doubt. BGIO has grown tremendously in just three years because it is spiritually supported and held.

A third takeaway is that black women are deserving. We are deserving of spaces for us, by us. We are worthy of taking time to pause, reflect, heal, and connect. When we relish in our worthiness, so much beauty comes from that and ripples out to others.

Black Girl In Om has truly helped me glow from the inside out and in this journey my confidence, manifestation, and commitment has also inspired so many other women to be unapologetic in their own glow, as well.