Beauty | February 21st 2017

How She Glows: May Lindstrom

We are so excited to introduce our newest series, How She Glows! Similar to What She Eats, we are asking inspirational women in the Health, Beauty, and Fitness worlds to capture their daily skin routine. Stay tuned for our weekly reveal of the secrets behind glowing skin!

In this week’s series we talked to skin chef, May Lindstrom, to hear about her beauty routine that keeps her glowing daily. Founder of May Lindstrom Skin, May is a badass business woman, loving mother and beauty expert all in one. Her products are all formulated by her, as she hand-picks the ingredients which ensures that the products are organic and most importantly, pronounceable. Read on for more for May’s self-crafted shine secrets and sexy skin routine..



I begin my mornings in the shower, brightening my skin with gentle (and powerfully effective) exfoliation with The Clean Dirt. The spicy and exotic aroma wakes up my senses and gives the most incredible start to my day-leaving my spirits lifted and my skin fresh and revitalized. I follow with The Youth Dew, layered with The Blue Cocoon, for incomparable glow and health. The Youth Dew provides graceful aging protection, a host of antioxidant superpowers and balancing moisture. The Blue Cocoon is simply heaven on earth, and my greatest skin savior-it eliminates all redness and sensitivity, heals and deeply hydrates, and calms both skin and spirit effortlessly. It’s also my favorite treatment for eyes and lips of all time. Before I exit the shower, I massage The Good Stuff over every inch of my skin, all the way to my toes, and even a few drops through my hair. It’s the sexiest thing you’ve ever found in a bottle. I call this my “fabric-free lingerie.” After exiting the shower, I mist my face, neck and decollete generously with The Jasmine Garden, and then go about my day.

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In the evenings, I love to wind down with a bath. If feels wonderful to wear The Honey Mud as a masque (it doubles as a cleanser) into the water, allowing the heat and steam to further activate the raw honey enzymes and infuse moisture into my skin. This is a wonderful treat to rotate with the powerfully effective and warming superhero—The Problem Solver. I try to make time for a full treatment with The Problem Solver once or twice a week. After every cleansing or treatment, it’s vital to feed goodness back into your skin with The Youth Dew or The Blue Cocoon. I treat myself to both every day, twice a day, always.

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