Health | February 22nd 2017

How To Be Compassionate Even If It Feels Like The World Is Crashing Down Around Us

Chances are by the time you are reading this you have already come across a satirical video montage of Trump’s most recent press conference on FB, read about one of his twelve executive orders since taking office almost a month ago, or scrolled past a few political memes. These are all signs of an active community that cares about the social wellbeing of marginalized populations, however, is this the most beneficial and productive way to stay politically active and aware?

There is no question that the current political climate has created a lot of tension and fear, and rightfully so, but perhaps we would be better off directing our energy towards more positive forms of activism and support. In times of political urgency, where real people are in real danger, compassion and solidarity carry much more weight than people realize. Compassion provides us with a universal language to debate ideas in a safer and more open forum that doesn’t exclude anyone based on ideology, race, class, gender or even age.

With compassion in mind, here are a few ways to stay both politically active and informed:

  • Keep your eye out for solidarity rallies or teach-ins in your local area.
    1. Last Wednesday marked the beginning of the Day Without Immigrants Movement and last week alone there was the NYC Solidarity Rally for the General Strike in Washington Square Park and a Muslim Solidarity Rally in Times Square.
    2. There is a Solidarity Rally Against Deportation on March 9th at Foley Square. The best ways to find out about rallies or teach-ins in your area is to search through events on FB and keep track of organizations that you support.

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  • Donate to organizations that support the rights of people that are threatened by Trump’s Presidency
    1. Charities such as Planned Parenthood and the ACLU provide important resources to marginalized communities and people in need. You can donate to their organizations here and here.

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  • Support businesses such as The Outrage that donate a minimum of 15% of the profit from every purchase to a women’s empowerment organization
    1. You would be surprised how many companies are showing their support through donating a percentage of their profits to important organisations, even our favorite fitness studios. Y7 Studio has promised to donate 100% of all profits from their Y7 x Zosia Mamet t-shirt sold to the ACLU. New York Pilates has promised that 50% of all proceeds from their Nasty Woman Cap will be donated to Planned Parenthood.
    2. Other companies showing their support are Everlane and Pincause.


At HBFIT we are trying to create an inclusive and supportive space for people to share ideas about health and well-being. Let us know how you’re showing your compassion and staying informed below!