Beauty | January 3rd 2017

How to Fix a Broken Nail in 5 Minutes

Suffering from splits and nicks? Not sure how to fix a broken nail? We feel your struggle — a broken nail can totally ruin your day and throw off your whole routine. But fixing a broken nail is surprisingly easy! It’s a quick matter of patching and nail care, and then follow up for prevention.

broken nail

To get started fixing your broken nail, all you really need is a patch to keep it together. Then you can strengthen your nail with polish until it grows out. Patches can be homemade using teabags, tissue or gauze. They can also come as part of nail repair kit, like this Nail Rescue Kit from ORLY.

Here, we’ll walk you through one of the most common DIY fixes in the world of nail care — the teabag method of nail repair.

What You Need

The teabag method of nail repair is super easy, and with the right treatment, it can keep your nails strong for a long time. Before you can begin, gather your materials:

Paper teaba

g (the type of tea doesn’t matter, you just need to use a piece of the teabag paper)

Clear, brush-on nail glue

Nail file and buffer

Base coat and polish

The Teabag Method

Begin with totally clean and plain nails. Then measure out a small piece of the teabag paper that’s the approximate size of the nick in your nail. You should have a little rectangle of teabag paper.

Next, apply a dab of nail glue to the break, and gently place the piece of teabag onto the glue. Once dried, you can lightly buff out your nail until the surface is smooth. Apply a base coat of polish and then a coat of color, and your nails should be good to go!

Post-Patching Treatment

Now that your patch is looking neat and your nails are drying nicely, it’s time to think about prevention. Some nicks and breaks, if left untreated, will never fully heal up — the nail has been too weakened in one spot, and it’s prone to repeated breakage.

There are a lot of great nail care products to keep your nails strong and avoid having to figure out how to fix broken nails all over again. One of these is Biotin. We’ve talked about Biotin before, and heard mixed reviews on how it helps your hair. However, the same vitamins in Biotin that treat your hair will work on strengthening the keratin in nails.

Aside from taking Biotin supplements or looking into ways to increase your daily vitamin B intake, you can also use nail polishes that have been enriched with Biotin, like this set of pretty pink nail polish from Deborah Lippmann. As well, Sally Hansen’s Nailgrowth Miracle formula is packed with vitamins, Biotin, and keratin to help strengthen brittle nails.

If your nails are on the brittle side — and especially if you just fixed a broken nail — then it’s best to avoid gel nails and UV treatment for the next few weeks. Go easy on your nails, and remember to moisturize and nourish them with cuticle oils and enriched primers. That way, they’ll be better prepared to withstand any future nail nicks.