Health | November 29th 2017

How to Not Give up on Entertaining After Thanksgiving

Anyone else feeling a little rough after Thanksgiving? Don’t get me wrong – we’re all about a hearty meal – but sometimes it can feel like it takes days to recover from a Thanksgiving feast.

Feeling a little worse for wear is no reason to give up on enjoying meals with friends. At HBFIT we believe one of the best ways to celebrate the season, and show gratitude for all the blessings in our lives, is to break that (gluten free) bread and #feedyourfriends.

These are a few of our go-to, simple, light meal ideas for a night with friends, and they pair super well with our partner Truly Spiked & Sparkling, a flavored sparkling water with a hint of fruit and an added kick. The drink actually doesn’t contain any liquor or spirits; rather, the alcohol comes from fermented cane sugar…COOL, WE KNOW. Also, each style only has 100 calories. You will thank us when you feel bomb the next morning in your workout.

We had to make sure to test all the styles in the HBFIT test kitchen before serving to our guests; the lemon + & yuzu and the Sicilian blood orange are tied for our favorites.  They have just the right amount of flavor (even though no artificial sweeteners), and the refreshing flavors complimented the simple, easy dishes.

For our #feedyourfeeds meal we made our favorite homemade hummus, zucchini noodles with Deliciously Ella’s homemade pesto and cherry tomatoes, and a healthier version of baked apples (substitute white flour for almond flour, coconut sugar instead of brown, and coconut oil instead of butter) for dessert!