Beauty | January 4th 2017

How to Tint Your Lashes at Home

Mascara is a makeup staple. It adds pop to your eyes and pulls your whole look together — the frosting on the cake when it comes to your face. But if you have thin or light colored lashes, that extra touch of glam can feel like a chore when skipping mascara leaves your lashes invisible.


That doesn’t mean that you’re stuck putting on mascara everyday, or that you have to go and get expensive eyelash tinting treatments at a salon every month. We’re going to tell you how you can tint your own eyelashes at home. You can either purchase and eyelash tint, or you can make your own. In either case, this is a process you’ll have to repeat every month, but then you can cut mascara right out of your beauty routine.

Making Your Tint

If you want to make your own tint, have no fear: it’s not as complicated as it might seem. What’s important to remember about making your own at-home tint is that it should be non-toxic and natural. After all, your eyes are very delicate, so you want to be careful doing anything around them.

Henna powder is a great natural dye — all you have to do is mix with hot water and let it cool, and you’re all set. You have your all-natural dye ready.

Try to find a color that is compatible with your hair’s current tone. If you have light hair, black eyelashes might look a little stark in contrast, so unless that’s the look you’re going for, try a light brown. If you have red hair, you might want to go with an auburn.

Once you have your dye, you need to prep your face. To avoid getting the dye on your face and staining your skin, use Vaseline over your eyelids and underneath your lower lashes. You want to get everywhere your eyelashes touch. When that’s done, curl your lashes so that the dye can be distributed evenly. This will avoid dripping and will help keep dye out of your eyes.

Applying Your Tint

Take a clean mascara wand, and apply the dye to your eyelashes just like you would apply mascara. You only need a coating of it on your lashes. You also want to make sure you get the tips of your eyebrows, where they’re lightest. You can also apply this to your eyebrows at the same time so they match. Just remember to apply the Vaseline around your eyebrows as well.

eyelash tinting

Then you just have to wait. It should only take between five to ten minutes. When you’re done, just get some cotton pads or paper towels, wet them with some water, and brush them gently across your lashes.

Then you should be left with defined eyes and dark lashes. The process doesn’t take long and it’s not much more difficult than applying mascara in the first place. So why not save yourself some time and money?