Beauty | January 23rd 2017

How To Use A Beautyblender

It’s been fifteen years since the Beautyblender was invented by Rea Ann Silva. The recognizable pink egg has been replacing make-up sponges in makeup bags everywhere – including professional makeup artists’. So what are the big deal about these sponges?


So What’s the Difference?

The first thing that sets apart the Beautyblender from other makeup applicators at first glance: the shape. It was the answer to an age-old problem professional makeup artists have been facing for some time. With triangular sponges, the edges are usually too defined and leave harsh edges when applying your foundation. However, with round sponges it can be difficult to apply your makeup to the areas around your lips and eyes. The egg shape of the Beautyblender combines the two shapes, allowing for smoother application.

Then there’s the material. It’s made out of a special hydrophilic material exclusive to the brand. All you have to do is dip it into water and squeeze out the excess water before swiping across your foundation. This material makes it so that the makeup sits just on the surface of the sponge instead of seeping inside it, saving you makeup and letting you apply it evenly.

Like any other applicator, the Beautyblender should be cleaned every few uses. With even regular usage, the sponge should last you around three months. It’s a durable sponge that can be used for almost any part of your beauty routine – even nailcare.

The Techniques

The Beautyblender now comes in many sizes and colors to help give you the exact look you want. But you can use just one to achieve some great looks. So how can you get the most out of your Beautyblender sponge?

When applying foundation, you can get yourself airbrushed looking skin by using the right technique. When Rea Ann Silva invented the sponge, she intended it to be used by stippling on the makeup, not dragging it across the skin. All you have to do is bounce the sponge across your skin so that it blends as you apply. You won’t just use this technique for foundation but any tinted moisturizer or cream blush to get a smooth finish on your skin.

The Beautyblender isn’t just for base makeup. You can also use it to brighten up your cheeks and lips with a little color. You can use the brush to blend lip pencil into your lips, giving a stained finish. For blush you can actually use lipstick, and using the smaller pointed end of the brush blend it into your skin. You can even use it to apply cream eyeshadow to create a color-block technique to your eyes.

You can even use it to shake up your DIY manicures with an ombré effect. All you have to do is apply a base color to your nails. Choose a color in a similar color but in a darker hue and dab on a small amount to your sponge. Then you just press it to the tip of your nail and work towards the middle. You won’t be able to reuse this sponge for your makeup, however, and you’ll only be able to use it for roughly five manicures.

There are many ways you can use a Beautyblender to maximize your beauty routine. They have a line of different options available to give you exactly what you need in from your sponges.