Beauty | May 29th 2019

Is this blow dry brush the answer to at-home blowouts?

Washing my hair has always been a treacherous act.

The worst part, arguably, is the drying process. It feels like every woman I know has struggled to find the perfect wash/dry cadence. In the past, if I did work up the energy to manually blow dry it (a rarity), I absolutely did not know how to do so with a round brush like they do in salons. It always just turned out fluffy and triangular (cc: Monica Gellar). Most times it required additional heat styling after.

Start to finish- this process took at least an hour and I was never fully satisfied with the end result.

About a year ago, desperate to finally find a solution, I turned to my most trusted friend: Amazon. I found a hair dryer that looked like a hairbrush, and it had great reviews. I had seen the giant old-school round-brush dryers that remind me of “mom-hair”, but this one looked totally modern and sleek.

Could it be possible? Would I soon be able to get out of the shower, blow dry my hair… and be done?!

It turns out the Lescolton One Step Hair Dryer and Styler is the magic I was looking for. I brushed out my hair with my fave Wet Brush (The Best $14 I’ve Ever Spent on My Hair), put in The Redken Volumizing Blow Dry Gel and started to dry my hair. It took about 10 minutes to dry my hair completely, and it was straight, smooth, and felt silky soft. I haven’t taken my hair straightener out since. This Dryer and Styler can also be used on dry hair which is perfect if you are need of a quick touch up and is compact and easy to pack for travel.


My main concern was the possible damage of putting that heat so close to my hair. But I can tell you that even a year later my hair is still just as lustrous and healthy, but much more manageable. If you too are looking to combat that summer frizz or just to simplify your hair routine, I can’t recommend the blow dry brush enough.


By Dani Blankenstein