Health | September 1st 2017

Labor Day Weekend with Aperol

You know the Sunday Scaries? Well we’re looking at the Scaries of all Sunday Scaries this weekend. We’re talking Labor Day Weekend, kids. The final bookend of the summer, the unofficial end to our favorite season, where white jeans go to die. But here at HBFIT we are all about the celebration, and it’s been one of hell of a summer. #SummeroftheSpritz, that is. Not sure if you’ve picked up on it, but our second favorite drink (next to matcha, duh) just so happens to be an Aperol Spritz.


Aperol is a light and refreshing aperitif, common in Italy (yes, go ahead and get your bougie on). It’s bright orange, and when combined with Prosecco? Well, it’s no wonder why it’s the most buzzed about drink this summer. We’ve partnered with Aperol to bring you the recipe for the Classic Aperol Spritz, the perfect drink to end the summer with, this weekend. So grab your friends, grab a couple oranges, and embrace Labor Day.


You’ll need:

bottle of chilled Prosecco

balloon wine glasses

thinly sliced oranges

club soda

Aperol (duh)



Combine ice cubes, 3 parts Prosecco, 2 parts Aperol, and 1 part soda in your balloon wine glass. The full drink should be bright orange. Add a slice of orange for flavor and garnish. Keep for yourself then make your friends one. Cheers to summer, baby!

And PS If you’re out in the Hamptons this summer and want to try an Aperol Spritz, be sure to check out their Apé traveling around serving up refreshing Spritzes…