Beauty | June 29th 2017

Laneige: Lexi’s Thursday

Hey everyone! It’s Lexi here with LANEIGE for one final day of our #mybeautyishydrated takeover! Don’t forget to shop their new Water Bank collection online at And don’t forget to enter our giveaway by sharing your own routine with #mybeautyishydrated on Instagram! One lucky winner will win the entire Water Bank line.

9:00 AM: I’ve never been much of a morning person but working out before my day starts always gives me the extra boost of energy that I need throughout the long day. Upon waking up I usually drink a glass of apple cider vinegar and mix a little honey in to dilute the horrible taste (yuck). I try to always eat before a work out because it gives me the energy and fuel I need to push myself to work out to the best of my ability, my go to breakfast is usually yogurt. I struggle with a lot of gut issues so yogurt is perfect because it is filled with probiotics that help my gut. We all know that the gut affects everything, especially your skin!

10:00 AM: Whenever I’m not in the city at my new favorite class Rumble, I head to the gym back home in Long Island! I have always been a big fan of the gym, sometimes when I’m not feeling to great about something going on I put on a pair of sneakers and hit the treadmill to run it out. While sweating it out helps my mind, it sometimes it leaves my skin feeling dry afterwards. I am lucky to have pretty low maintenance skin but I am obsessed with trying new products, especially keeping my eye out for products that promote hydration. I have always been a huge fan of LANEIGE so was super excited to try out their signature Water Bank line, which is infused with Hydro Ionized Mineral Water (yay to minerals & nutrients) to transform dehydrated skin. These products are perfect for my post-workout situation. Pre-work out I usually wash and moisturize my face, unless I wake up swollen, in that case I apply the LANEIGE Water Bank Eye Gel to make me look more awake (and more like a normal person). Olivia, from the HBFIT team, refrigerates hers and I stole the trick and love it for those mornings when I wake up looking like a zombie.

11:00 AM: Post workout, you don’t want to go near me. Post-shower comes my prep for the day, I’ll apply the LANEIGE Water Bank Essence which protects and hydrates my skin despite the horrible NYC heat. Followed by my make-up routine which usually consists of an SPF foundation, some mascara and a little highlight, nothing too fancy. After my morning routine is complete, I usually grab a quick drink, either an iced cold matcha latte with almond milk or a big bottle of water to keep me hydrated throughout the day.

12:00 AM: Time to do some work, when I’m not in the city I sometimes work from home! I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday then the fourth of July. Summer please slow down… At HBFIT I’m usually in charge of putting together all the newsletters and finding the latest products that we are currently loving. My favorite so far has been the “Insert Mean Girls Reference to Pink Here.”  While I’m at work, I always remind myself to be hydrated throughout the day so I leave my water bottle right next to me while I work!

2:00 PM: Since I’m back on the Island for the day I am pampering myself a little by getting a mani and a pedi. There is nothing better than relaxing and unwinding while being moisturized and hydrated to perfection. My favorite summer polish is Fiji, it is perfectly pink and gives off amazing summer vibes! Who doesn’t love a good millennial pink?

6:00- 6:30PM: Fast forward to a few hours later and it’s time to refresh my face and put on some make up before heading out to see my friends! Before leaving the house I desperately need to wash up and reapply. After cleansing my face, I apply the Water Bank Hydrating Gel with a little Water Bank Eye Gel to make my face feel fresh and clean before applying my makeup. Following the same routine as my morning make up but adding some eye shadow because why not? All done and ready to go!

7:00 PM: After a long week of work and play, there’s nothing I want more than to hang out with some of my friends and catch up. Most of the time we go out for dinner, but tonight we are in the mood for some chill vibes and stay in. It’s always a struggle deciding on what to eat for dinner, but we finally decided on salmon and veggies.

9:00 PM: FINALLY, I’m back home and ready to get into bed. I usually go to bed on the later side because night times are my time to relax and unwind. But I never miss out on my nightly routine. I always cleanse my face and apply a toner because I don’t want to clog my pores from makeup and sweat. After my face is fresh and clean I put on the LANEIGE Water Bank Moisture Cream. Because the line contains 6 essential minerals, like zinc, potassium, magnesium, manganese, sodium & calcium, I wake up with silky smooth skin. My routine is done and Netflix is calling my name!