Beauty | June 13th 2017

Laneige: Madison’s Tuesday Routine

Sometimes we partner with our favorite brands to show how we use their products and this month we’re super excited to team up with LANEIGE skincare to celebrate the launch of their hydration products, the Water Bank line, on To kick things off, Madison, our content coordinator will be showing you how she stays hydrated on a hot hot hot day in NYC.

7:00 AM : Mornings typically start relatively early for me. I like to get a workout in before heading into the office. Pre-workout I always like to hydrate!  I typically do this by drinking a glass of water with lemon.

8:15 AM: Yoga this morning at Y7. When I have these early mornings I always make sure to hydrate under my eyes because the 6 am alarm clock shows up on my face. I’ll throw on some LANEIGE Water Bank Eye Gel to protect my under eyes, this way I’ll look chipper and awake for my day. Y7 is a hot yoga class that plays hip hop music, it is so much fun! This week they are featuring classes with Frank Ocean and Migos, my favs.

9:15 AM: Post workout and it’s time to hit the office. I’m typically DRENCHED after yoga and thank god they have showers. I quickly shower at the studio and get ready for my day. Post shower, I’ll apply some of the LANEIGE Water Bank Essence which will hydrate my skin throughout the day. Not my typical morning routine but it will due because home is in BK. I’ll grab a quick post-workout snack which usually includes some form of matcha, a bar or a piece of fruit and I’ll be ready to start some work. I’m the content coordinator here at HBFIT so I focus on what’s going up on the site and the content we post on media outlets. So it’s safe to say I’m a fan of the gram.

11:30-1 AM: Today I’ll be preparing an office meal for the HBFIT fam. I’m a huge fan of cooking and love doing it for other people. I was able to visit the farmers market yesterday and pick up some fresh ingredients. We went as a team to grab some supplies for an upcoming HBFITtv episode.

1:30-3:30 PM : Post lunch and it’s time to work on some content preparing pieces for the site while also brainstorming new Instagram posts. While I’m at the office working I always make sure I drink plenty of water, especially after a dehydrating class like hot yoga. It SO important to drink water throughout the day.

4:30 PM: Heading out of the office for the day, this means I get to finish up some work at one of my favorite spots, HoneyBrains on Lafayette. I always like a change of scenery, it helps me regain focus on my work and a walk is always refreshing.

6 PM: The best thing about being in the city is meeting up with friends for drinks post work. I work for a bit at HoneyBrains then make my way over to Union Square to meet up some friends. I’m obsessed with a midday spray of my Water Bank Essence and a bit more of the Water Bank Hydrating Gel and I’m good to go.

8 PM: FINALLY, back in Cobble Hill for the night. I typically go to bed around 9:30/10.  At night, I always cleanse my face and follow that with a toner, and then moisturize. I put on the LANEIGE Water Bank Moisture Cream post cleanse and the Eye Gel (I’m addicted to this stuff). I always put on a richer moisturizer at night because I feel that it does more at night while I get my beauty rest. The LANEIGE moisturizer is great because it’s not too heavy but it’s still super hydrating and light. I’ll throw on some Netflix then head to bed.

Well! That was my Tuesday. As you can see from my day, the LANEIGE Hydrating Line is great for summer in dirty, grimy, hot & humid NYC as they will keep your skin hydrated, clear, and clean.