Fitness | December 19th 2016

Letter from HB: Adidas Trip


I was lucky to head to Germany earlier this month with the Adidas team for an incredible trip dedicated to fitness and empowerment. Read about the amazing experience I had and the bad ass babes I got to spend the week with below!


The Adidas trip  started off in Nuremberg, Germany. The town itself is a bit grim but I loved the way the town’s Christmas Market made us all feel so festive and ready for the holidays. We drove about 30 minutes to the Adidas HQ in Hertzo and as soon as we got there, I was completely blown away by the facilities. The headquarters includes 43 acres of state of the art facilities, including multiple gyms, a basketball court, and even a Stan Smith tennis court. The building’s offerings didn’t end there. There were so many food and beverage bars that offered fresh smoothies, cold brew coffee, and even matcha lattes. Seriously, Google has nothing on this futuristic work environment.


I spoke to some of the Adidas employees, who told me they have been working at HQ for five years, and it’s the vibe of the company and top-notch facilities that make living in Nuremberg tolerable. I loved seeing the inner workings of the company, from their football field-sized consumer center with LED screens, to their perfectly organized archives that can only be touched with gloves on. I actually got to touch a pair of shoes that Muhammad Ali wore for a fight. How cool is that?! I also got to touch Leila Ali’s shoes! We also got to check out some exclusive innovation rooms that can only be accessed by certain staff members.


We spent a lot of time on product feedback sessions, which were awesome because Adidas wanted to hear all of our thoughts on how to improve their gear for active women.


I also got to speak on a panel in front of the Adidas staff with the other women on the trip, including Karlie Kloss. All of the women had unique stories and different reasons why we are all living our best life and want to inspire others to start their own journey.


Then, we went to Berlin, which was an absolute blast! The Soho House there is dope and we did lots of workouts there.


I am honored to be supported by a company that’s not afraid to talk about improvement and change in women’s fitness. It seems that today, more and more women take pride in being a versatile athlete, and Adidas is adapting to this shift, whereas they used to focus on being a vertical athlete. I love being part of a movement that encourages women to explore their athleticism and their other interests without feeling like they have to pick one. It was an amazing trip.

x HB