Health | May 1st 2017

Letter From HB: Being Present

It’s hard to believe May is already here, and I couldn’t be more excited to share so many exciting upcoming moments with you guys. April was all about mindfulness, and it was so crucial to take inventory of the changing season and our changing moods. Summer is well on its way, and we all know how quickly that goes, so this month we’re going to be focusing on being present, which is a concept that I hold so close to my heart.


With my wedding coming up this month, I’m making a conscious effort to take a step back and count my blessings, and I invite you guys to do the same along with me. I’ve loved sharing my Wedding Prep stories and tips with you guys, and as the big day gets closer, I’m just so grateful that everything is falling into place and I’m surrounded by such a loving, amazing support system.


Here at HBFIT, we’ve been changing and evolving, and we’ve loved all your feedback on HBFIT TV, our What She Eats series, and all of our amazing interviews with local #girlbosses. The truth is, we’ve been so focused on planning new content and looking ahead, we sometimes need to remind ourselves to focus on the present and love what we have in this moment.


This month is special to me for so many reasons, and I truly feel blessed to have all of you on the journey with me.

It’s months like these that make me realize that HBFIT isn’t just about matcha recipes, but about building a community to cheer each other on, enliven real conversation, and celebrating our accomplishments. There’s no time like the present.