Health | February 1st 2017


With all of the craziness and upsetting news going on in the world, it seems so fitting that our theme for this month is Love. Here at HBFIT, my mission has always been to create a space for women to support each other and love each other, and that’s what this month is all about. Positive and loving vibes are exactly what our country needs right now, so it’s time to spread the gospel of love.
hannah bronfman girlgang
We have a few new changes ahead in store for you guys that we’re really excited about. Our newsletter is getting a facelift and don’t be afraid when you start to see some slight changes on Instagram. I’m also excited about this month because we have a ton of amazing things in line with our theme for you to check out and explore. For our Studio Spotlight, we’ll be featuring one of my favorite new studios, Box + Flow. Life is all about the fight and the flow, so this studio’s message with the combination of boxing and yoga is right up our alley.
hannah bronfman sundays are for lovers
We’ll also be celebrating Valentine’s Day with our favorite gals at Shaktibarre for a special HBFIT event, and I hope you can come join the team to celebrate female empowerment and friendship together. It’ll be awesome!
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We’ll be sharing some awesome healthy Super Bowl recipes, cool Valentine’s Day gift ideas, and tools to help you deal with heartbreak and the dreary last month of winter.
hannah bronfman cape town south africa
You guys have been so loyal and supportive, and I want nothing more for our HBFIT community to lift each other up and stick together during this time. Let’s bring in February with fun, mindfulness, empowerment, and all of the love.