Health | January 2nd 2017


We spent December reflecting on the past year, so January is all about a fresh start. Here at HBFIT, we’re starting the new year off with a bang, and I can’t wait for you guys to see what we have in store for 2017.


I think it’s so appropriate that this month’s theme is “Fresh” because HBFIT is getting ready to take on a fresh new look and tons of exciting content. To start, we’re going to be introducing a City Spotlight series, where we offer tips on the local health, beauty and fitness hotspots in our favorite cities, so look out for a different city feature each month.


For our Studio Spotlight, we’re excited to feature Switch Playground, which recently opened their first US location. We checked out the studio and had a blast during the workout, so we can’t for you guys to come sweat it out with us in this awesome fitness playground.


We’ll also be introducing a Diet Diary series and a Beauty Routine series, both of which will feature tips from local fitness and beauty experts. I love learning from the personal habits of others in the health community, so I’m v excited for these pieces.


Although we’re ready to kick this fresh new year in the butt, we’re also focusing on slowing it down and taking some time for ourselves. Through a focus on meditation and recovery, we’re ready to set ourselves up for a year of self-care and mindfulness.


I’ve learned a lot in 2016, and I’m so grateful that I had you guys to follow me along and inspire me on the journey. Now that we’ve established our resolutions for the new year, I’m excited to take HBFIT to the next level and start off 2017 feeling fresh!