Health | February 14th 2016



February is a big month for a few reasons. We celebrate the Leap Year, Black History Month and Valentine’s Day. The first two are unquestionably happy occasions—an extra special day in the year that only comes around every 4 and a month dedicated to commemorating all of the accomplishments of black figures in America. However, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, many people aren’t so positive.

Maybe it’s because of Sex in the City or too many rom coms, but generally people who aren’t in a relationship feel like they are missing out on Valentine’s Day. But at HBFiT we believe that the month, no matter your current your relationship status, is about love.

Here’s the major key though: Valentine’s Day isn’t just about giving love to someone else—it’s about loving yourself. Think about it: How can you perform well at work, be a good friend or have a successful relationship if at your core you don’t appreciate who you are? Sometimes it’s easier to criticize yourself—but remember that self-love can and should be practiced everyday. It can be as simple as making time for yourself to workout or cook a beautiful meal or repeating a daily affirmation that you are beautiful and to simply trust your gut.

This Valentine’s Day I personally have a lot to celebrate—it’s my first one engaged to Brendan. We will be raising a glass to our family since Brendan’s dad, Peter just had a successful open-heart surgery.

What and how are you celebrating this Valentine’s Day? What are you doing to affirm self-love? Tell us in the comments, on Instagram or on Snap!