Beauty | April 1st 2017

Letter from HB: Mindfulness

Last month was all about strength, and this month we’re working on channeling our energy into mindfulness. With the launch of HBTV, amazing new content, and our site’s fresh makeover last month we have been going non-stop and feel it’s time to take a minute before the summer kicks off to pause and reflect.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 9.03.31 AM

For the entire month of April, we’re focusing on mindfulness, something that is so important but often neglected. I often find that in my own life, I’m constantly running from a meeting, to a shoot, to an appointment, to a workout, and then back to another meeting… You get the point. It can be difficult to pause and remember what my priorities are. April is a month all about change, the weather, the seasons, and your state of mind. I personally have a lot of exciting things coming up and HBFIT, as always, has some amazing things for you in the pipeline. It’s important we take the time to appreciate what we’re capable of and to know our limits as to not stretch ourselves too thin and get ready for what’s around the corner.



First and foremost, I’m super excited to feature Sweat Yoga as our Studio Spotlight. There are so many great yoga studios in New York but we love that Sweat Yoga encourages you to flow on your own, to be mindful of your moves, your body, and your sweat.

I also can’t wait to continue my Wedding Prep series in the coming weeks as the big day is just around the corner. I’m so appreciative of you guys and all the love I got after posting my first piece. Planning a wedding isn’t a piece of (vegan chocolate avocado) cake and I’m so thankful I have the HBFIT community to share my trials and triumphs with.



We also will be releasing new episodes of HBFIT tv every week, a project we’ve been working very hard on. We hope you enjoy the recipes, how-tos, and interviews with people in our community. We’ll also be exploring more alternative ways to be mindful and we’re launching a new column with crystal expert, Erica Kmiec.


April is the time of the year when the seasons change, the air feels fresh, and we can finally shed those winter layers. Let’s be mindful of all the great changes together and have an amazing month ahead.