Fitness | December 21st 2015


Happy December! With the holidays right around the corner, it’s often hard to keep focused on maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. That’s why these next few weeks we are thinking about Optimization. To me this means, being able to do it all–getting geared up for the holidays and enjoying family time, all the while staying HBFIT.


I believe the key to maintaining this efficiency is to stay organized and to keep goals clear in your mind. I decided that the best way to stay HBFIT this holiday season would be by set an attainable goal. I’ve partnered with Adidas to set my intention to combat the craziness. I decided that the key to sticking to a healthy routine is being mindful–most importantly, during my workouts. By doing so I’m able to get a good sweat in, no matter what my schedule may be or where ever I am in the world. It may be cliche, but when it comes to exercising, it is about quality over quantity. In a time crunch, I may not have an hour to spare, but I can still get in a great routine in in 20 minutes.

How will you take on this month to stay HBFIT during the holidays? If you’re not sure yet–don’t worry! We’ve got a ton of content to help you through it–from recipes to healthy stocking stuffers to at home workouts.



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