Health | December 30th 2016

Love Matcha? Try Genmaicha This Holiday Season

At HBFIT, we’ve made no secret of our love affair with matcha. From flavor to health benefits to its gorgeous green color, matcha — ground green tea powder — is an incredible pick-me-up that comes without the rough caffeine comedown of a morning cup of coffee.


Our matcha-mania has taken us from making it at home to putting it into our favourite cookies and smoothies. Matcha is quickly becoming our go-to energizing ingredient in everything from food to skincare — you can get all kinds of matcha-infused exfoliating body masks.

And now, it’s taking us to the next best thing to add some energy and sweetness to our mornings: genmaicha.

Genmaicha is brown rice tea, a Japanese green tea combined with roasted brown rice that helps aid in soothing stomach troubles.


Though genmaicha is still somewhat new to some of us at HBFIT, it’s been around for ages; people in Japan have been drinking the tea for generations. Because it’s made with genmai — brown rice — the nutrient-rich parts of the rice grain that give it that warm brown color are brewed right into the tea. Drinking this brown rice infused green tea is actually a steady and simple source of the B vitamin benefits of brown rice vs white rice.

Even better, it comes with all the high antioxidants that you get from regular green tea, but with less caffeine. The taste is nutty and sweet, with a soothing, earthy aroma resembling subtle green teas.

Mild in flavor, low in caffeine, and easy on the tummy, genmaicha tea is a healthy and comfortable drink that you can share with children, elderly people, and any friends with gluten sensitivities. It’s the perfect warm drink for catching up with family over the holidays.

So if you’re still searching for something totally unique to bring to your holiday parties, genmaicha might be just the perfect thing that’s guaranteed to please everyone. Try out this stylish green tea set, or even genmaicha chocolate bars for an awesome and easy gift.