Health | September 29th 2015



As you can tell from my Instagram, I am a serious matcha lover. As someone who doesn’t drink coffee, matcha is a great way to get energy in the morning–minus the jitteriness or headache that concentrated caffeine in a cup of joe is notorious for. Matcha can be intimidating to those who have never made it before, but it is actually a pretty simple process–with the right tools! All you need is a little help for an effortless, at home cup of green goodness! Last week I teamed up with my friends at Sharp to launch their new Tea-Ceré machine. In case you missed it, here’s a little recap from the event with deets on the machine and a recipe you can recreate, at home!

The Tea-Ceré is a savior, because it makes creating authentic matcha easy. The traditional, Japanese ceremony way to make matcha is to grind tencha tea leaves into a powder using a special mortar and pestle with a final step being a particular whisk to dissolve the powder. Grinding the tea leaves is a fresher and lower cost approach to getting matcha vs. purchasing pre-made powder, but you can imagine how the process can be lengthy and require some effort. Since I’m all about authenticity and ensuring I have the best ingredients, I was so excited to hear that Tea-Ceré preserves the integrity of the process, but leaves you hands-free! The machine has special ceramic plates inside that mimic the mortar and pestle grinding process, so you can rest assured that you are getting the same quality–in the convenience of your own kitchen!

Here’s my go to recipe for my signature matcha latte:

1.     Adjust the grinder to the ‘coarse’ or ‘fine’ setting depending on the consistency you prefer for your powder (I usually use ‘fine’ for the latte and ‘coarse’ for baking to give a bit more texture).

2.     Take a scoop of tencha leaves and add it to the mortar in the front of the Tea-Ceré machine. (Tencha are the leaves used to make matcha, but the Tea-Ceré will grind almost any type of tea leaves!)

3.     The machine is capable of making up to 4 cups of tea at once!

4.     Depending on whether you want a tea made with water or milk, this step will differ. For water, add H2O to the water reservoir in back of the machine and select the temperature for the water (‘warm’). Also make sure to select how many cups you want prepared! For milk, pour the liquid directly into the container in the front of the machine and Tea Ceré will create a delicious latte.

5.     Press START and sit back and relax while the Tea-Ceré grinds the matcha! (The machine will beep when the grinding is complete!)

6.     Pour the freshly ground matcha into the cup so it can be whisked.

7.     Enjoy!

8.     BONUS STEP: Blend with coconut oil for added health benefits!

9.     If you prefer cold matcha, just pour the cold water directly into the container, add the fresh ground matcha and whisk for a frothy, cold matcha drink