TV | April 19th 2018

Matcha Doughnuts with Taline Gabriel | HBFIT TV

Taline Gabriel, the woman behind Hippie Lane, stopped by Hannah’s kitchen to bake some decadent matcha doughnuts with nut-butter drizzle! See Taline’s recipe below!


The Doughnut:

180g gluten-free rolled porridge oats

65g shredded coconut

40g chia seeds

1 tablespoons of psyllium husks

1 teaspoon of vanilla powder

2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon

1/2 tablespoon of Himalayan salt

2 tablespoons of nut or seed butter (for example, peanut, cashew or tahini)

8-10 medjool dates, pitted

125m of rice malt syrup


The Glaze:

150g chopped dark sugar-free chocolate

150g chopped caramel sugar-free chocolate