Fitness | February 1st 2016


We found this little Rae of sunshine on Instagram. Alexa immediately captivated us with her bubbly videos of hybrid yoga and dance moves, bright activewear and wicked partner tricks. She recently left the west coast for New York, bringing her sunny disposition with her. Catch her at Spot Yoga Studios or breaking it down on Snapchat–@aribarra. So get moving and follow Alexa’s awesome flow at home! 

Plank | Chaturanga Dandasana: Start on knees and put hands on the ground in front of you shoulder distance apart. When ready, lift your knees onto the balls of your feet. Engage the legs and core while keeping a neutral spine. Feel free to do 10 pushups.IMG_0028

Down dog: From plank you want to start pushing the arm bones forward while pressing back into an upside down V. In this pose, make sure your legs are two fists wide, hands shoulder width with all ten fingers spread. Make sure to engage the core, tighten knee caps and look at your toes to keep a neutral safe spine. Hold this for 30 seconds.


Top of the mat: Step or hop feet to the top of the mat. Fold forward, lengthening the spine by placing hands on shins and then look back and release your head to your knees. So many health benefits for circulation and blood pressure here!


Standing stick: From top of the mat being the arms up, clasp the hands with only pointer fingers touching. Extend right leg back and begin to raise the leg while lowering the arms into a T shape. Do another round on the opposite leg.


Chair pose: Bring feet to touch as you come to a seated standing pose, lifting the arms as you descend into your imaginary chair. Once you have engaged your core with a tiny curvature in the lower back arms and back on a staging line then sit a little further back and deeper.IMG_0030


Boat pose: In a seated posture with your feet parallel, lift your legs up together, engaging your core. Raise your arms up by your sides with your palms facing the sky. Remember that you must engage your legs and arms as well to maintain this strong position.IMG_0005

Backward push ups: Come back to the same seated parallel posture. Bring your hands beside you, making sure that your finger tips face your feet. From here, ascend up to a table top and descend, doing a backward sit up. Add leg lifts if you want the extra burn! Or keep your legs up and your foot flexed for another challenge.IMG_0023
Camel: Come to seated with your heels at your seat. Lift the upper body, extending the arms upward and reach backwards to touch your hands to heels. Lift the heart to the sky and breathe into this awesome stretch.IMG_0018

Bridge: Camel is the perfect warm up to do a full wheel or bridge pose. To prep for this pose, come to a seated posture with your feet touching the ground parallel. Once you are in this position, lie back gently, taking your hands to meet right near your ears. From here you will lift your torso using your arms and legs. Hold here and engage your entire body.IMG_0017

Pigeon: Come to your downward dog. Lifting your leg back to the sky, bring it forward towards your hands and sit so you are in a seated split. From here you want to make sure your hips are squared with your back leg is straight and your front leg is seated (almost as if it was cross legged but one side.) Reach up and then lean forward to enjoy this gentle stretch. Repeat on the opposite leg.IMG_0014

Savasana: Lay flat, totally relaxed with legs and arms in a comfortable position. Feet can touch the edges of the mat and arms lay flat, palms up and close your eyes. Breathe.IMG_0011


Model: Alexa Rae Ibarra

Photographer: Pamela Katz

Clothing: Alo, Lululemon, Adidas