Fitness | September 7th 2015


Even though she now calls Maui home, Trish Bianco hails from this side of the world. As a fitness enthusiast since the age of 7 in Jamestown, NY, Trish’s passion has taken her around the world—from Australia to LA to Hawaii. Along the way, she has cultivated her knowledge into a trademarked practice: Trish’s Barre Fusion™. Her system combines the tenets of barre and yoga for serious results. She’s hooked us up with an exclusive total body toning routine (which can be done anywhere from a playscape to your bedroom!), below:



Place one hand on a sturdy table or piece of furniture and your other hand on your hip. Open your feet wider than hips width with your toes turned out. Make sure that your hips, knees and feet are aligned on top of one another. Also, make sure that you maintain a long spine throughout.

1.  Pulse up a couple of inches, finding where you feel your thighs engage. Repeat 20 times.

2.  Move full range from bent knees to a straight leg, holding the last bend down. Repeat 10 times.

3.  Lift your right heel off the mat and pulse 10 times. Repeat on left heel.

4.  Option to lift both heels for 10 Pulses.



Place your hands on top your heavy piece of furniture or table. Walk your feet under your hips and extend your right leg back long. Lift the leg to where you feel the gluteus engaged. Do the below exercises while maintaining a flat back, engaging the core and keeping hips parallel to the floor. Remember that your standing leg knee remains slightly bent throughout the work.

1.  Straight leg pulses up 30 times.

2.  Full range straight leg lifts 30 times.

3.  Bent knee pulses up 30 times.

4.  Bent knee full range knee next to knee lifts 10 times.

*Repeat on Left Side.




Place one hand on your piece of furniture one hand on your hip. Press your heels together making approximate 45 degree angle with your feet. Lift your heels 1-2 inches off the floor and reconnect the heels to press together (keeping the heels together for the whole set). Bend both knees, keeping your tailbone dropped and your abdominals pulled in.

1.  Move down a couple inches and up 30 times.

2.  Keeping heels together pressing and press your knees back an inch 15 times. (Hold the last press back.)

3.  Increase the range of movement down towards your heels and come halfway up 10 times. (Keep spine long; move at your own range.)

4.  Come to your lowest point while keeping the spine long and hold for 10 seconds



Lay on your back with bent knees with your feet hips width and parallel. Arms are by your side, elbows bent with fingertips up to the sky and relaxed head and neck.

1.  Tuck full range up, leading with tailbone. On the way down, the back of your waist comes down and first tailbone touches, repeat 10 times.

2.  Hold the tuck up and do tiny micro-tucks under 40 times.

3.  Lift left leg up and press into your right foot 10 times, lifting all the way up then touching down tail bone touching last. Repeat 10 times. Hold left leg up and pulse up toes pointed 20 times.

*Repeat sequence on Right Leg.


Outfit by: Olympia Activewear.

Photos by: Ashley Camper.