Beauty | October 7th 2016

Must-Have Beauty Products from Brands by Black Women

Natural Beauty Portrait

Natural Beauty Portrait

How many times have you gone makeup shopping, only to discover that the right foundation to match your skin is nowhere to be found? Even though many makeup brands are introducing a wider range of shades, the options are still pretty slim for girls with darker skin in the cosmetics aisle.

If you want more for your skin, you’re not alone. Created by black women, these products are perfect fits for women of all shades who want to feel glam and gorgeous with great makeup.


Cosmetics companies have not always had a stellar track record providing women of color with the foundation shades they need. That’s why black-owned businesses Black Opal and Black Radiance have come out with effortlessly glamorous foundation lines designed to suit darker skin tones.

Black Opal’s Total Coverage foundation and True Color creme-to-powder foundation are creamy, matte, and hypoallergenic in a wide range of shades. Black Radiance’s light-coverage Soft Focus powder softens lines and reduces shine while complementing your skin’s natural undertones. On the cream foundation side, True Complexion BB Cream from Black Radiance is a primer, concealer, and foundation all in one.

Blush and Bronzer

Created by supermodel Iman Abdulmajid, IMAN cosmetics is made to suit a wider range of skin tones than other mainstream brands. Take their blushing powder for example. Most blushes tend to skew pink or orange, and don’t always match the natural skin colors of women with darker shades and more blue or gold undertones. But by leaning into browns, mauves, roses, and copper shades, IMAN powders are multi-use — they’re blushes, highlights, contours, and bronzers in a single stunning product.


No one does lips like Fashion Fair. The colors are bold, the pigment is rich, the palettes are super cute, and Fashion Fair has just about any lip product you’ll ever need. Fashion Fair has been offering high-quality cosmetics to women of color for over 40 years, from moisturizers to tone balancers, glosses to mattes, metallics to nudes, and everything else under the sun.

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