Health | December 31st 2016

Natural Hangover Remedies

If you woke up from a late night with one too many New Years Eve cocktails, welcome to the hangover club. You might be lying in bed feeling regretful, nauseous, and dizzy, and we’ve all been there. However, instead of reaching for an ibuprofen and a Gatorade bottle, there are many natural remedies that can help cure your hangover without the artificial properties. Here are some of our go-to natural hangover cures:

Dandelion Tea

It’s important to stay as hydrated as possible when you’re hungover, and drinking dandelion tea is a great way to fill up on good fluids. Dandelion has been proven to remove excess fluid from the body and detox the liver. Instead of chugging a large coffee as soon as you wake up, brew yourself a cup of dandelion root tea to stay hydrated and help your liver recover.



Coconut Water

Think of coconut water as a natural energy drink. It’s filled with electrolytes, which will help restore the salt and potassium your body has lost, and contains antioxidants that will make you feel more awake and sharp. Try to go for a brand that contains only organic coconut water with no added sugars.



Whether you’d rather chew on a plain piece or take a liquid shot, ginger is a key ingredient in curing the nausea that comes with a bad hangover. People have been taking ginger for centuries in order to reduce nausea and vomiting, so it can really work some magic after a night of drinking.


Tiger Balm

If you wake up with a pounding headache, tiger balm will help relieve the pain and promote blood flow. Tiger balm is an Asian remedy made from menthol, clove oil, and camphor. Dab some on the back of your neck and your temples, and massage it in until the pain starts to relieve. A little goes a long way!


Similar to coconut water, bananas are filled with potassium, which will refuel your system after a rough night and they’re very gentle on the stomach. Plus, bananas contain natural electrolytes that your body probably lost while drinking. We love putting some banana slices on a piece of whole wheat toast with some almond butter for a recovery breakfast.


Brassica Vegetables

You might want to grab a bagel or donut to cure your hangover, but brassica vegetables are the way to go if you want to detox your liver. Vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and cabbage contain enzymes that support liver detox, so these will help your body recover quickly. It may help you eat them cooked, since raw vegetables are harder on the stomach.



We’re not suggesting you push your body to endure an intense HIIT session today, but getting your body moving and breaking a sweat can really help cure a hangover. Not only does your body release endorphins while working out, it also excretes toxins and gets your blood flowing. If you’re not up for a run or a spin class, yoga is a more low-key option that will also get your body moving and will help you feel better.