Health | January 17th 2017

Our Experience at Higher DOSE Infrared Sauna Spa

Whether you still need to detox your body from the indulgences of the holiday season or you just want to spend some time in the heat during the NYC cold front, we recommend you check out Higher DOSE on the Lower East Side. After hearing so much hype about infrared saunas, we looked into some local sauna spas, and decided to go to Higher DOSE for our first infrared experience.


Without knowing what to expect, we walked into the cool space, shed our clothes, stepped into our own personal saunas, and walked out forty-five minutes later feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

If you’ve never experienced an infrared sauna treatment, here’s the deal. Similar to a regular sauna at your gym, you sit on a wooden bench and sweat out your toxins. The difference with infrared is that special LED lights are used, which have been proven to result in detoxification, weight loss, improved circulation, anti-aging, relaxation, cleaning of the skin, purification of the lymphatic system, and lowering of blood pressure.

Higher DOSE uses Medical Grade Chromotherapy lighting in their treatments. With 96 LED lights in your own personal glass hut, you can control the intensity and heat in your sauna. Plus, they use color changing modes depending on what mood you’re going for. We tried out the red lighting for energy, the green for universal healing, and the our favorite – the violet, which represents spiritual self-bringing guidance.

Another thing we loved about Higher DOSE was your ability to plug in your own music while you sweat. We’re already working on our playlist for our next visit.

Here are our tips before heading into to get your sweat on:

  1. Make a playlist prior to so you don’t have to switch the songs while you’re in the booth.
  2. Be prepared to get fully naked and zen out – it might feel strange at first, but you’ll relax quickly.
  3. We recommend going for an hour to take full advantage of the infrared.
  4. They provide you with two towels and alkaline water to stay hydrated but we suggest bringing some face wipes so you can refresh quickly after.

Some people swear by infrared treatments and some say the promised results are just myths. Either way, we walked out of our first experience at Higher DOSE feeling refreshed, relaxed, and yes – extremely sweaty!