Health | February 8th 2017

Our Favorite Bakers on Instagram

There’s nothing better than walking into a kitchen that smells like warm baked goods made with wholesome, sweet ingredients. Baking is our favorite way to satisfy our sweet tooth while knowing exactly what’s going into our bodies, but sometimes we need the extra push to get our ingredients together and get going. We love following baking accounts on Instagram to give us some recipe inspo and an extra nudge to get our hands messy in the kitchen. Here are some of our favorite bakers:

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Photo Credit: @theboywhobakes


Chetna Makan started her baking Instagram account and YouTube account, “Food with Chetna” to showcase her passion for baking and her love for playing with Indian flavors in her recipes. She combines traditional British and Western recipe with her Indian roots to make creative, colorful dishes that are simple enough for the whole family to bake together.

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Joy is a self-taught baker and food photographer based in New Orleans who even authored her own cookbook. Is there anything this girl doesn’t do? Considering the fact that she grew up with parents who loved to cook together in the kitchen, baking is basically in Joy’s blood, which is obvious by staring at her drool-worthy photos. We’re considering a trip to Louisiana just for a homemade treat.



We’re not sure what’s more amazing- the fact that Lin is only seventeen years old, or the fact that her mouthwatering desserts are vegan! Lin started her food blog when she was sixteen, and her recipes are all made from vegan, fresh, environmentally-friendly ingredients. We love her chocolate and peanut butter, and we’re obsessed with the cute little faces she puts on her treats.

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Baking homemade goods isn’t just for the ladies, and Edd Kimber knows all about that. Edd is a food writer and stylist, and even has his own podcast called “Stir the Pot.” We love that his account is filled with vibrant photos of foods that are somehow so decadent but so simple. Check out his account for beautiful photos of artisanal treats and tons of chocolate. Warning: you’ll get hungry!

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If you’re looking for decadent recipes and desserts that are almost too pretty to eat, you’ll want to follow Julie’s Kitchen. Julie lives in Los Angeles, so she gets most of her ingredients locally at the Santa Monica Farmers Market. Aside from her yummy recipes, her food photography is her speciality, and it shows. We love her account.

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If you take a look at Dana’s desserts, you’d never believe that each one is made with less than ten ingredients. Dana has been blogging since 2010, when she decided to share her minimalist, healthy recipes with the world. She is the author of Minimalist Baker’s Everyday and has a passion for recipe experimentation and plant-based foods. We’re obsessed.

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Jasmine is a plant-based nutritionist and photographer, and her Instagram account is dedicated to her vegan sweets. Her dishes are colorful, fresh, and will totally inspire you to use more fruits and veggies in the kitchen. She’s all about using nutrient-dense ingredients that come from the Earth, and we love her mantra to “love yourself, choose health.”

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