Health | May 19th 2016


If you haven’t figured it out already, we are all about multi-purpose ingredients here at HBFIT. From blueberry to aloe to charcoal, we are always on the hunt for ingredients that can be used for everything, from our diets to our skincare routine. Our latest obsession is something that’s probably sitting in your pantry right now–maple syrup. With the upcoming Maple Festival, we partnered with Omni Hotels & Resorts (Omni) to explore the many uses of this superfood. Turns out it not only makes a delicious addition to food and drink recipes, but when ingested, this natural sweetener is full of antioxidants that can lower inflammation and is a great way to manage blood sugar. And if that plus isn’t enough– maple syrup’s benefits also extend to skincare! From Memorial Day through Labor Day, Omni will be showcasing maple in all its varied forms in its “Art of Water” poolside food and beverage menus, maple spa treatments, and a maple hotel package. For now, keep reading for a roundup of our favorite recipes so you can incorporate maple into your every day.


Post Workout Hydration: Maple Water is the latest craze in the infused water market–and it turns out that its benefits affirm the trend. It’s a great, low-glycemic sugar alternative to coconut water and contains abscisic acid, which means that it helps your body regulate blood sugar and stimulates immune function!

Eat it Up: Maple syrup is an ingredient that not only tastes great-but can be incorporated into pretty much every course of meal for a major flavor burst. The presence of zinc and manganese make this ingredient the perfect addition to any salad dressing, granola or raw cookie dough! For example, Omni’s “Art of Water” Millet and Carrot Tabbouleh Salad features a maple vinaigrette, while decadent Donut Holes get a touch of sweetness from maple and cinnamon.

Cocktail: When it comes to cocktail-crafting, skipping the sugar syrup and opting for maple syrup instead is the smart choice! This natural sweetener is so functional–pairing beautifully with everything from tequila to gin to vodka, and everything to in between! One of Omni’s featured cocktails this summer is a Maple Smash, a lightened up rye-based cocktail with citrus, mint and robust maple syrup. For a twist on spiked summer favorite, opt for a Blueberry Maple Lemonade made with vodka, amber maple syrup, and blueberry puree.

Face Mask: Maple syrup might be your skin’s new BFF. Say goodbye to dry skin with a DIY mask that is both delicious smelling–and tasting! Simply combine maple syrup with rolled oats and raw milk or yogurt for an ultra-hydrating complexion boost! At Omni, guests can enjoy a maple essentials facial infused with bio-maple compound derived from the sap of the maple tree.

Body Scrub: The antioxidant and blemish-fighting benefits of maple syrup extend beyond the face. Incorporating this power-packed ingredient into your shower-rotation is a natural way to clear irritation.

Sponsored by: Omni Hotel & Resorts. The “Art of Water” poolside menu is available at select Omni properties throughout the summer. Full menus and package details, as well as recipes, images, and a video highlighting Omni’s culinary use of the maple, may be viewed here.
Text by: Ava Donaldson