Health | July 12th 2018

Refreshing Summer Cocktails

Living a health-conscious life doesn’t mean you have to cut out all of your vices. Hershey’s can be replaced with stevia-sweetened dark chocolate, coffee can be swapped with matcha and you can substitute your sugar-laden happy hour cocktail for one of the following refreshing summer drinks! That way, you can enjoy a wild night out with friends without hindering your health and fitness goals. The best part? You don’t have to drop upwards of $12 on a single drink and can but that money towards brunch the next morning 😉


Tequila Spritz

1.5 oz of tequila (we recommend don julio)

¾ can of spindrift lemon flavored seltzer

A squeeze of lemon

½ dropper of liquid stevia


Light Whisky Sour

1 oz whiskey

Juice of a full lemon

1 dropper of liquid stevia

A sprinkle of pink himalayan salt


Gin Fizz  

2 oz gin

A full can of spindrift grapefruit flavored seltzer

A small handful of Muddled fresh basil

Pink himalayan salt rimmed glass


Moscow Mule but Make it Anti-Inflammatory

1.5 oz vodka

¼ cup fresh ginger juice (no sugar added)

½ can of plain seltzer

A small handful of muddled mint

A squeeze of lime juice