Beauty | July 29th 2016

#SEEK-ing Out Our Favorite Spots in New York

Although HBFIT is a digital brand, we take pride in being based in New York City. After recently hearing about Lyst’s #SEEK campaign, we thought getting involved would be a perfect way to celebrate our New York roots in a really interesting way.

The campaign is all about searching to find and be the best of the best–and about not settling until you discover what that means for you. Lyst on-boarded artists Baron Von Fancy, Edward Granger, Grace Miceli, Elizabeth Ilsley, Joy Wilson and the cult-brand PINTRILL to collaborate on special works to spread this message. All artists have banded together to create both street art pieces and a 1 day show happening this Sunday, July 31st from 10 am-5 pm at Art Baby Gallery. There will also be a ‘Seeker’s Trail’ event, giving participants a scavenger hunt of stops to make along the way–with a bunch of fun prizes at the finish line!

In light of this special campaign and celebration, we’ve rounded up our favorite places in New York in hopes that 1 (or all) might be the next place you #SEEK:

#SEEK the Ultimate Shopping Experience at: CAP Beauty. Aka the Mecca of natural beauty of New York, CAP is stocked floor-to-ceiling with the best natural beauty products, supplements and vegan proteins in the market. There’s even a treatment room if you have time for a holistic facial! When you stop by, make sure to check out our capsule collection (which you can also buy online here)!


#SEEK a Major Sweat Sesh at: S10. Stephen Cheuk created an unsuspecting private gym, right in the heart of TriBeCa. The whole concept is centered on clients becoming sub 10% body fat (hence the name)–through a holistic approach that transcends weight lifting. 


#SEEK Post-workout Fuel at: Grass Roots. This Williamsburg-based juicery is our go to spot for smoothies and raw desserts (the almond mound bars are literally crack)! But they are also the only juice institution (that we are aware of) that uses all organic products. Owner, Sabrina Diaz, is just as colorful as the ingredients used in Grass Root’s blends! As a self-proclaimed watermelon addict, Sabrina has covered Grass Roots’ recently expanded space with fruity printed wallpaper. We smell ample Instagram opps people.


#SEEK Your Treat Yo’self Moment at: SB SKIN. If you keep up with the site, you know that SB SKIN is our tried and true (not-so) secret weapon. Plus–we are absolutely obsessed with founder, Shamara Bondaroff, so we schedule frequent visits just to get to hang with her. Do yourself a favor and book both face AND body for a tighter jawline and toned booty. (Pro-tip: consistency is key–and if you’re anything like us, you’ll be dying to get back ASAP.)


#SEEK Vinyasa Flow at: y7 studio. You’ve definitely heard of that ‘hip hop yoga studio’ at some point in the last 3 years–and although some have tried to unsuccessfully duplicate their concept, they’re all referring to y7 studio. As their Flatiron location stairs proclaim founders Sarah and Mason Levey ‘Started from the Bottom’–literally–in 2013 the basement of an unassuming storefront in Williamsburg. Since then, they’ve added 4 locations (including a studio on the West Coast), a sick line of merch and an army of bad-ass teachers.


#SEEK out Great New Dinner Digs at: Nix.  John Fraser– the visionary behind Dovetail and Narcissa is back at again–this time with a vegetarian concept restaurant. He founded Nix with the commitment to display the versatility of produce–and let us assure you that he seriously delivered. Our menu go-tos are the jicama ribbons, cauliflower steamed buns and the unforgettable pineapple dessert.


Text by: Ava Donaldson

Check out more information on Seek campaign.

Images via Miss Bish, well + good, Elite Daily + remodelista.