Health | February 13th 2017

Sex Crystals – Yes, You Heard That Right

Lately the HBFIT team has been seeing sex crystals on more and more sites and we have been dying to learn more, so we did a little deep dive into these foreign, mysterious objects…

Kegels and pelvis floor muscles support our posture and improve sexual pleasure. However, how many of us actually make kegels and pelvic floor strength a priority outside of a pilates class? Let me introduce you to sex crystals, a form of crystal therapy that promises to improve and balance energy, as well as strengthen pelvic floor muscles, improve kidney strength and even balance hormones.

0008_big_rose0__15708.1444850077Crystal eggs (or yoni eggs) are made in rose quartz or onyx and aim to tighten and stimulate muscles, whilst awakening sexual sensitivity. Physically, the yoni egg tightens and tones the pelvic floor and helps to increase control of the whole perineum and bladder. Energetically, it cultivates sexual energy, develops and clears chi pathways in the body and increases feminine energy. Some even claim that regular use has lead to more balanced hormones, made cycles more regular and has cleared skin.

0026_white_small__90198.1444953281Chakrubs are an alternative form of sex toy that promotes energetic healing as well as all the benefits of a more traditional sex toy. Chakrubs were developed on the basis that crystals are great conductors of energy, making this type of sex toy both therapeutic and pleasurable. Each Chakrub is made of 100% crystal and has a different healing focus. For example, rose quartz stimulates sensual imagination and opens the heart chakra, whilst amethyst provides calm, balance and peace, as well as promotes personal strength and stability.

0004_j2__83752.1444850010Whether energetic healing is your thing or not, yoni eggs and Chakrubs both provide the opportunity to reclaim and connect to something that is often considered taboo in today’s society.

Chakrubs and yoni eggs can be bought online here