Health | June 26th 2017

Slidin’ Into Your DMs: Glow Goals

It is officially SUMMER ’17 PEOPLE.  You know what that means.. tans, freckles, sunburns, and that not so cute sweat mustache. There is no denying that at times the summer heat can make us feel a bit sticky, which isn’t always ideal. However, Summer also brings that GLOW and we are ready to embrace it! To get you inspired this week’s Slidin’ Into Your DMs includes ladies who are already killin’ the glow game. GLOW GOALS, lets get to it.

This Glossier babe is all about that natural light. Gabriella kills the dewey look with her pink cheek tint.

Brow envy with a side of soft AF skin. Coco knows how to work it!!

@Ali_tate_cutler Catch her rockin’ soft pink hues or going all natural. Ali has amazing skin and amazing confidence.

This midwest sweetie knows her angles and captures the best lighting AT ALL TIMES. Her glow is undeniable and she’s got that pout down pat.

Beachy waves, brows, and a golden complexion. This babe is great inspo for those who want that easy breezy look.

FRECKS!!! Carmen’s peachy complexion is blessed with the cutest freckles. Show em off ladies! Freckles are literally the 8th wonder of the world.

There’s no denying that olive skin tones thrive in the summer months, and Jessica is the epitome of this. Her olive glow is undeniable.

Not only is her glow game strong, but Aglae takes the BEST bathing suit shots. If you need inspo for a cute ‘KINI look her feed will give you exactly what you need.