Beauty | July 31st 2017

Slidin’ Into Your DMs: PLANT LOVE

SO! The HBFIT team has recently gone through an office facelift and with that has come new, amazing, beautiful, and friendly AF indoor plants. During our process we went through phases on deciding what sort of plants we wanted in the office and the responsibility that being a plant owner brings. To get plant inspo like any other savvy girl out there we headed to INSTAGRAM. And we were so impressed and excited to see the that there is a huge indoor plant community on the ‘gram. This weeks Slidin’ Into Your DMS is all about PLANT LOVE. Take a look!


Some amazing inspo in this feed. From smaller potted desk plants to big bodacious beauties, everything you imagined and more regarding house plants.


Who knew Plants + Pink would be such a killer combination?! The aesthetic of this feed is to die for. Pretty much you’ll make sure you have a pink accent wall from now on with at least a few leafy green plants.


Handle is 100 and honestly same, but is being a plant hoarder so bad?? If you need help finding your green thumb, this feed is the answer.


How gorgeous is this beauty? Indoor plant love will is where plant dreams come true. Literal indoor jungles are featured and they are BEAUTIFUL.


Apartment and plant inspiration lives here. There is nothing more lively than having an actual living organism in your home. This feed truly shows how much a simple green plant can transform the mood of a room.


SOOOO. When can we join the club? Not sure how we become a member probs need to own up to 10 plants?Idk. But HPC is a compilation of straight up house plant beauty.


Home decor, art, and plants (duh). This feed features beautiful spaces, you will feel the need to purchase a new painting and plants to match. LOVE.



Her love of the monstera plant is obvious, and I mean who doesn’t love this species?? Not to mention, if you need some plant edu PP often describes the kind of plants she features.


Featured image courtesy of @Tribeandus