Health | June 5th 2017

Slidin’ Into Your DMs: Pretty AF Lunch Inspo

This weeks sliding into your DMs focuses on lunch inspo. Let’s face it, we are all guilty of falling into a routine when it comes to lunch, Don’t get us wrong we love a SweetGreen salad or Two Hands avo toast as much as any lady but getting creative in the kitchen is so gratifying (and fun). So to get you started,we’ve rounded up the best bowl-inspo IG accounts. From berry bowls to savory, roasted veggies to freakin’ cashew butta they’ve included it all. The HBFIT team wants to see your creations! tag us in your bowl post and take a look at our top ten accounts:



@PlantBasedJane has a meat/dairy free feed that is pretty much a dream for those who are vegan. She loves her chickpea pasta and smoothie bowls and you are bound to find inspo from this plant based queen.



@RealFoodWithGratitude does an amazing job with balance. From this delish veggie filled bowl to savory sandwiches RFGW does not discriminate.




@Thefullhelping is a plant based blogger (yes, that is vegan chicken) and creates easy vegan friendly recipes. Her feed is full of amazing bowls and sweet treats, ALL meat and dairy free.




Not only is @Sweatandbeer‘s handle extremely relatable but so are her food choices. Why not try this out for lunch?? She also serves up a tasty looking tuna lettuce wrap, YUM!




@Healthyisheveryday has a way of working in satisfying favorites with a healthy twist. This chicken parm is sure to do the trick when your craving some hearty Italian.




A common theme with @sophiesblend is the color green! Whether its leafy greens or tasty smoothie bowls her go to ingredient seems to be anything with a green hue. Get yo greens in people !!




@donyourbetterself whips up delicious and easy recipes that will leave you full and satisfied! Lots of sautéed veggies and eggs for that protein kick!




@mama_onamission18 finds a way to whip up a fantastic meal while still being a momma. She is dairy and gluten free, so her recipes are clean and savory!



FullSizeRender-8Veggie bowls on veggie bowls, if you need plant based inspiration @abalancedandhealthylife is your girl. She whips up amazing lunches and we are dying to try her coconut pancake recipe!


If you’re active you know how important fueling your body with whole foods is and @athletemeetsfoodie does just that! If you’re craving a satisfying lunch or maybe looking for something sweet this account has it all.