Health | June 19th 2017

Slidin’ Into Your DMs: Vegan Dessert Inspo

There is no denying we all have a sweet tooth, and giving into your cravings is something we majorly support. However, with recent developments and wellness being IN there has been an outburst of healthy-ish dessert ideas. For this weeks Slidin’ Into Your DM’s we’ve highlighted the best Instagram accounts that showcase vegan desserts. That’s right, there is no eggs, milk, or butter in any of the recipes these ‘grammers use. Keep in mind that when you ~veganize~ something it isn’t automatically healthy, always pay attention to ingredients. ANYWAYS, take a look and get some inspo. These dessert ideas are plant based and proud of it.


Not only is her handle amazing but so are her deserts! For the most part all of STFU creations are dairy free, refined sugar free, and gluten free. WOW, didn’t know that was possible.


Not only vegan, but also raw! Meaning none of the ingredients were cooked to prepare these decadent desserts. Think raw vegan cheesecake made from cashews, not to mention vegan doughnuts.(how???).


If you have any sort of allergy, Beamingbaker is your girl. Many of her recipes aren’t just vegan but paleo and gluten free as well. Brownies, ice cream sandwiches, and nice cream! SO GOOD.


Lots of frozen treats here like smoothie bowls that are almost too pretty to eat. Hues of pink and purple with that CHOCOLATE DRIZZ (duh). Great account for summer with lots of ideas that will cool you down.


Bliss balls and breads! Vegan and vegetarian, this account has amazing ideas that will fulfill that post-dinner craving. I mean, how good does that blueberry bread look?!?


Dessert ideas with ZERO refined sugar. Vegaliciously displays beautiful creations that are good for you. ‘Cheesecakes’ and dessert smoothies are the name of the game, and you won’t be disappointed.


This account beautifully plates fruit, aka the go to for a healthy dessert that doesn’t require any cooking, but these beautiful displays will have you putting in all the effort!


Yummy chia seed pudding creations and raw cake ideas. Whether you want to go all out or simple, Ehvegan has it all.


This girl knows her bars. Whether it’s healthy snickers or chocolate peanut butter brownies you’ll find something your love on her feed. She does dessert right.


Black bean blender brownies?!?! (Not pictured bel0w) but you can find em on her feed. Flora  combines healthy/wholesome foods into her recipes and you won’t even realize that their healthy. GUILT FREE PEOPLE.