Fitness | July 11th 2017

Slidin’ Into Your DMs: Yogis

Yoga is something we are all familiar with, it’s a good workout and an even better stretch. Whether you’re a seasoned Yogi or barely practice the HBFIT team believes that a lil bit of Yoga can do just about anyone some good. To get you started we’ve rounded up some of our favorite yoga masters to give you some inspiration for this weeks Slidin’ Into Your DMs. Check it out below!
This mama knows balance. Between her practice and being a mom, Briohny does it all. Her feed also features super cute pics of her kiddies!
This beauty loves doing yoga with her pals! Not only does she practice on her own but her feed is great if you’re interested in trying partner yoga. Lots of good ideas.
Always keep in mind that you don’t need to visit a studio in order to practice yoga. If you want to get a quick stretch in follow Fitmitch’s lead and do a downward dog at home!
This self love lady will teach you more than just yoga poses. Shanna promotes living a life full of love and self care, we could all learn a thing or two about that!
Not only can Chelsea strike amazing yoga poses but where she practices will give you yoga envy too. Try flowing outside! It may be just what you need.
Can you say strong?? Ona’s practice is outstanding, she is straight up yogi goals. It takes a lot of time and hard work to get where Ona is, if she’s not inspo then I donno what is!
Jyan’s feed is full of couple goals! If you’ve ever thought about practicing yoga with your S/O, check out Jyan’s page. She is often practicing with someone!
This lovely lady is strong AF and it is so evident in her feed. She often does her practice in the nude which really demonstrates the amount of work that goes into these poses. If you’re living in NYC, catch her for class at a Y7 studio.