Beauty | February 23rd 2016


postvisualAttention, attention–we’ve got another CollegeFashionista Style Guru on deck. During her four years at FSU, Lexy O’Keefe has learned a thing or two about living a balanced lifestyle. Check her tips for staying #HBFIT on campus and beyond, below:

I never really thought of myself as a “fit” person until I started college. Learning how to balance the pressures of a full course load, a job and dance team rehearsals taught me a thing or two about health and fitness. It was when I began to focus on the mental connection to my health though, that I noticed a significant improvement in my mood and energy. After cultivating this knowledge in my 4 years at FSU, here are my five big tips on how to live and most importantly, maintain, the HBFIT lifestyle:

Dance it out. The health benefits from dance are phenomenal. Did you know that you could burn up to 250 calories in just 30 minutes? Or that dancing improves a person’s memory? How about that dancing can greatly reduce one’s stress? The best part is you don’t have to be classically trained to bust a move and reap the #GAINS. There is a plethora of ways to get involved in dance–whether it be signing up for a recreational class at your gym OR just getting down all by yourself. There’s absolutely no cost to turning up your jams and dance like nobody (or everybody) is watching!

Taste the rainbow. When I tell someone that I am a vegan, the usual reaction is standard: “Oh, so you must only eat Kale, right?” Wrong. The earth provides us with so many yummy foods that we should always be exploring! My goal when creating a meal is to represent as many colors from the rainbow as possible. Sneaking extra fruits and veggies into a meal never hurt anyone (plus, it definitely boosts the Instagram game! Case and point-photos of acai bowls are taking over everyone’s feeds!). Join the movement and create a smoothie bowl of your own creation using an assortment of vibrant fruits. You will feel as great as it looks!

Create a killer playlist for your workout. I used to find myself running on the treadmill to the same old songs that, in turn made my workout drag on. Keeping a fresh and updated playlist gets me pumped to pump iron. Pro tip: Create playlists that coincide with your exact workout. For example, the songs on my spinning playlist mirror all of the variations of intensity. High-speed pushes on the bike are paired with fast, energetic songs and for those long high-resistance climbs I’ll bump some hardcore rap music. Pre-made playlists will also eliminate the interruptions caused by those pesky songs you should have deleted years ago. You know, the ones that keep shuffling themselves into your workout even though you skip them every time they start playing?

Treat yo’ self.  My two favorite “F” words: Fitness and Fashion. Just do it and buy some trendy gear. Looking good and exuding confidence will give you that intrinsic motivation you need to slay your workout. My personal vice is definitely sneakers, so every few months I treat myself to a new pair of kicks. I get so stoked to strut around the gym and show them off. And that’s what we call “killing two birds with one stone”.

It’s all about me. The schedule of a college student gets hectic at times. Sometimes, I forget to slow the pace and make time for myself. Whether that means penciling in a guided meditation or time to color in the lines of your favorite adult coloring book, make sure to incorporate activities that allow you to clear your mind. I prefer cranking up my music and taking a solitary walk. It’s my time to unclutter my consciousness and reset my goals. Always make time for the things you love, no matter how busy you become!


Text by: Lexy O’Keefe