Beauty | October 28th 2015


Keep your stars aligned this holiday by channeling your inner zodiac sign–Earth, Air, Fire + Water! Here are four fashion-inspired looks that will make you the shining star of any Halloween competition (or just the coolest kid at the party).

Halloween is a night when you can get creative! Don’t settle for a tube top and bunny ears. Take a trip to the craft store and have fun with your look. When you have decided on a costume, look to your favorite fashion moments for inspiration. I always have more fun making my costume than wearing it!- Dana Rae, Makeup Artist

I like to turn to my favorite artists/designers during the holidays because it’s a chance to live into the fashion fantasies we swoon over in magazines and on the runway. When thinking about your look for Halloween, remember that hair can be a costume all on it’s own–you can tell an entire story through beauty! It’s the most important part of a costume in my opinion, but that’s probably why I’ve made hair my profession!Ashley Rubell, Hair Stylist

EARTH (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)20151010_HBFIT_ELEMENTS3103-Edit

Traits: Practical, focused + grounded

Inspo: Chanel + Thakoon + Kimberly Ovitz

Shop the Look: Hourglass Ambient Light Illuminating Palette + Macadamia’s Volumizing Mousse

Earth signs are so much fun! You have so much to play with. For hair, Ashley decided to add texture by using a clay powder. It was a very clever idea because it really added a special dimension to communicate the earthy vibe. Then we decided to take the same clay and add it down our model’s neck. I decided to keep the face bright and glowing. Using fake moss to build a brow was a fun little pop that really added an extra layer. This look feels very fresh to me. – Dana

AIR (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)20151010_HBFIT_ELEMENTS2996

Traits: Entertaining, curious + observant

Inspo: Comme des Garçons + Maison Martin Margiela

Shop the Look: Makeup Forever flash palette + Bumble & Bumble’s Bb Gel + Redken’s Fashion Works 12 Versatile Hairspray

When we think of interacting with air, we think of wind and movement. So wind was really our interpretation for showcasing beauty of these signs. Dana played off this idea with the makeup by adding a literal wind-swept movement of the eyes and lips to the side of our model’s face. To show air and wind in the hair, I went straight into a french-beehived-twist in the back. By teasing the hair, I created a lightweight, airy texture and brought a section across the face to display some complementary wind-provoked movement. – Ashley

FIRE (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius)20151010_HBFIT_ELEMENTS4369 copy

Traits: Inspirational, humorous & loyal

Inspo: Fendi + Marc Jacobs + Tracy Reese

Shop the Look: MAC lipstick in Brick + Roux’s Temporary Color Mousse

Fire was a really fun look to create. This shape was made with just a small section of hair around the hairline. I used a temporary color mousse in Copper Red so it looked darker at the root, and lighter at the ends with the light coming through it, giving it the natural gradient of color that a flame would have. Dana played of the same gradient idea with the eye shadow, transitioning from yellow to orange. Temporary color sprays and mousses are a great addition to any costume. They add so much character to your look and are so easy to apply and remove. – Ashley

WATER (Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces)20151010_HBFIT_ELEMENTS2884-Edit

Traits: Spiritual, emotional & creative

Inspo: Givenchy + Jason Wu

Shop the Look: MAKE face gloss + BedHead’s Queen for a Day Thickening Spray

Water is a very whimsical element to create. Ashley and I definitely challenged ourselves with this look and love the outcome! When you think about water you probably think of the ocean, the color blue and if you are anything like me – you think about getting your hair wet. Instead of actually getting the model soaking wet Ashley decided to accomplish the wet hair look by using BedHead’s Queen for a Dayhairspray and molded her baby hairs around the face and down the neck to create little waves and soft movement. For the makeup I decided to use gemstones that reflected silver and blue to read like bubbles. You can use Duo Eyelash Glue to attach the gemstones. For the eyes I used a blue gloss to add a different texture. – Dana

Photography: Ben Rosser

Make Up: Dana Rae

Hair: Ashley Rubell

Production: Ava Donaldson

Model, Earth + Air: Chris De Silva

Model, Fire + Water: Pamela Katz

Jewelry: Catbird