Fitness | December 6th 2017

Studio Spotlight: 305 Fitness

If you haven’t come across  305 Fitness  yet, then get out from under that rock!  This studio puts a skip in our step, and we always walk out feeling infinitely better and stronger than we did when we came in.  Friendly warning, these classes are addictive…If you want to give this studio a try, they have offered HBFIT newsletter subscribers a sweet deal! Make sure to subscribe to get in on the dance workout of your dreams.

Tell us a little bit about 305 Fitness.  How did it come about?

I was born and raised in Miami (the 305 area code). 305 is about building my own Miami, in another city. It’s taking all the elements I love about where I’m from, and reframing it to create my own feminist-inspired paradise. Miami was where I was grew up and as a young, impressionable female, it felt like a prison instead of a paradise. By age 9, I was secretly counting calories in a food diary. My mom and older sister had eating disorders. So naming my company after 305 was a way to reclaim my power and build my own Miami, in another city.

305 is about the release, connecting with the joy of dancing and exercise. It’s an open environment that’s loud, irreverent, and unapologetic. There’s no pretension about this space. Everyone looks a little silly dancing, so this class is all about letting your guard down and dancing out all your freakin’ feelings. It’s the best way to clear your mind and reconnect with the most playful part of yourself.

What classes do you offer at 305?

We offer three classes:

305 CARDIO: our signature, 55-minute sweat dripping dance cardio classes with a live DJ.

305 FLX: heated flexibility classes. It’s like yoga meets dance meets athletic stretching. Room is heated to 90 degrees.

305 PWR: a strength and conditioning workout, that’s like bootcamp meets Pilates with tons of fun music.


What are the benefits of a dance cardio of workout?  Who can benefit from a class most? Do men take your classes?

PSYCHOLOGICALLY: this class is really freakin’ tough, but you’re able to push yourself because it’s so fun!  It’s an ass-kicking workout disguised as a dance class. Most of the moves we do are plyometric, aerobic moves like jumping jacks, explosive lunges, and shadow boxing. But with a live DJ blasting high tempo music, you forget you’re working.

FULL BODY: Plus, the workout is full body and the moves are constantly changing. So unlike a lot of workouts (cycling, boxing, running) that have repetitive, monotonous moves, 305 keeps the body guessing. This means two things: 1) improved neuromuscular efficiency and 2) we’re training our hearts to be stronger. This is the principle of

PERIPHERAL HEART ACTION (PHA). We’re constantly moving from upper body exercises to lower body exercises, and back again. This means we’re getting our bodies to quickly shuttle blood from one part of the body to the next, with no rest. This type of training has been shown to be the most effective for your blood vessel and heart health.

What is the 305 mantra?

“Make Sweat Sexy” — it’s all DOING YOU!


What music are you guys playing in the studio right now?

Tons of fun stuff from @nervomusic! They’re our artist of the month. Plus, we’ve got the goodies like Miley, Britney, Gaga, and JLO.


If you could give one piece of advice to someone to feel their best, what would it be?

The real thing is the attitude. You gotta be about it to feel good about it.