Fitness | July 1st 2017

Studio Spotlight: AIR

For this July’s Studio Spotlight we are going to the windy city. That’s right. CHICAGO. AIR® which was founded in 2013, and utilizes aerial hammocks in their workouts. So you’re literally floating (omg), with this comes serious concentration and balance AKA this is a killer workout for  your core. For the this month only HBFIT readers will receive a week of unlimited classes for $50! All you have to do is email [email protected] and pick your studio to receive the perk. Luckily for you AIR has 3 locations in CHI, and has expanded to LA, Charlotte and Denver. To get a bit more insight on this unusual workout we spoke with Shama Patel the president of AIR®.

Tell us a little bit about the background of AIR. How did it come about?

AIR® was founded in 2013 when Shama Patel, President and Founder, left her career as a corporate attorney in Chicago to pursue her dreams of revolutionizing fitness. The first AIR® studio was built in Chicago’s Lincoln Park and since then, grown to 3 locations in Chicago, 2 in Charlotte, LA, Anchorage, and we are opening in Denver next month! The training method is popular because we have fused elements of conditioning, Pilates, ballet, and HIIT on aerial hammocks in order to take your routine to the next level.

What about AIR Chicago? What do you guys offer? 

We have 3 Chicago locations – Lincoln Park, River North, and South Loop. We offer aerial fitness classes for all levels, an aerial yoga class (AIR® Flow) for all levels, and our floor barre branded class (Floor Lab) at select studios.

What are the benefits of aerial workouts?

Aerials build a stronger core, faster. Hands down, aerials are the fastest way to tone your abs and strengthen your core. Once you take your routine off the ground, you lose your point of stability and start to engage your core without even realizing it. When you start focusing on your core, you realize that all of your muscles are connected through your core and with a strong core, you can run faster, master a handstand, and improve the rest of your workouts as well.

What kind of classes do you offer? Who can benefit from a class most? Do men take your classes?

We offer a five formats:  AIR® Foundations, AIR® Core, AIR® Flow, AIR®, and Floor Lab. Yes, we do have men that take our classes although majority are women. Anyone can benefit from taking class since it is designed for all levels to help strengthen your core in record-breaking time. The classes that we offer help to build your core and stabalize in the hammock to master poses in the air.


Elevate is the theme for July here at HBFIT, which is kind of perfect for you guys. How does the AIR workout take things to the next level?

AIR®’s tag is line is literally “elevate your core.”  We take your workout to the next level by leveraging an aerial hammock to strengthen your core, increase your flexibility all while elevated off the ground.

If you guys had one mantra that embodies how people will leave AIR after a class, what would it be?

SORE. AIR® will target areas of your body you may not have ever used before, thereby leaving you feeling sore, but also accomplished from a tough class.

What are your three self care tips?

Step out of your comfort zone. Keep trying because your body won’t change after 1 class. Set goals! The only way to achieve greatness is to set realistic goals for yourself.

What music are you guys bumping in the studio right now?

Our instructors play a variety of music, but lately we have been bumping a lot of 90s and throwback-themed classes!

If you could give one piece of advice to someone to feel their best on the beach this summer, what would it be?

Own it! AIR® encourages women to feel confident and help each other feel good about their progression. Being confident is the best way to feel both this summer and throughout the year.