Fitness | June 5th 2017

Studio Spotlight: AKT

This month we are kicking it into full summer mode, starting, as always, with getting a sweat in. Check out June’s Studio Spotlight, AKT, for an upbeat, fun way to feel good this beach season. PS! They’re offering HBFIT readers a first time offer of 2 classes for the price of 1 and 20% off a class package with code HBFIT.


Tell us a little about the background of AKT.

The AKT program, developed by international fitness expert Anna Kaiser, is a ground-breaking fitness routine rooted in functional training. Anna, who has a background in professional dance and sports medicine, began her career in NYC in 2002. After earning a BFA in dance from the University of California, she studied kinesiology, sports medicine, and functional anatomy at Mount Sinai Medical Center. Anna created AKT (Anna Kaiser Technique) as an answer to some of the fitness industry’s biggest questions: What’s the perfect combination of exercise? Does a correct balance exist between cardio and strength training? How can you get the proportions of a dancer but gain the strength of a bodybuilder? Is there a way to put it all together in a way that makes sense? These are the questions that AKT answers. Anna created a comprehensive program – the kind that her private clients get to experience (celebrities such as Kelly Ripa, Shakira, Karlie Kloss, Hilary Duff, to name a few) – but in a boutique atmosphere. AKT takes the guesswork out of fitness. You don’t have to go to four different studios to get the workouts that you love and the results that you want. AKT provides it all in one place. We opened the Upper East Side Studio in January 2013 and NoMad in November 2015. We also have an East Hampton location!

We love how different AKT is from your normal barre or cardio workout. What distinguishes you guys from the rest?

While a number of factors drive people through the doors of AKT (weight loss being chief among them), there’s one reason why they come back: because our workouts make them feel good. The AKT approach will change the way that you feel in your body, mind, and spirit — and will ultimately determine the kind of life that you live. The AKTechnique is unique in that its curriculum is ever-changing. We change our class content every 2-4 weeks to keep your muscles guessing, ensure you never plateau, and bring you the best of fitness. You will see results that you never thought were possible. AKT is really a 360-degree lifestyle brand. We offer classes, private training, nutritive sessions, Transformation Programs, On Demand streaming, retreats, intensives, pre- and post-natal programs, and even a clothing line!

What kind of classes do you offer? Who can benefit from a class most? Do men take your classes?

Kelly Ripa said it best: “Your body actually looks different leaving than it does walking in the door.” If you’re ready to see RESULTS, AKT is the place for you! Our workouts combine circuit training, HIIT, strength, toning, dance cardio, Pilates, and yoga. The beginner level involves more repetition and familiar movements, and as you progress, your movement vocabulary expands as more complex choreography is built into your repertoire. In this way, you continue to keep your mind engaged, your heart rate up, and your body poised to explore its full range of movement. Men are welcome and encouraged if they’re up for a challenge. Don’t be fooled, we’re way more than just dance cardio!



Refresh is the theme for June here at HBFIT. How are you guys getting in the summer mind set?

We see over 800 clients per week who stay in shape with AKT’s 360 degree lifestyle programs. These power women are often on-the-go so we offer programs that work anywhere, anytime! A work trip, holiday, or vacation is no excuse to lose momentum! We’re here for you even when you can’t be in studio. We offer On-Demand streaming services, Skype sessions with trainers, and retreats so that you can stay fresh (and sweaty) all summer long!

What foods do you guys recommend to stay on track but still enjoy the perks of summer?

Everything in moderation. There’s no need to deprive yourself this summer but be present when you’re indulging. Also, always make sure to eat protein within 45 minutes of your last sweat session. PRO TIP: Integrate H20 whenever possible: start your day off with at least 16oz, then incorporate it between alcoholic beverages and before meals!

If you could give one piece of advice for someone to feel their best on the beach, what would it be? 

Results show up when you do. They don’t happen overnight. But if you stick to a program, they can and will appear faster. Stay consistent, prioritize your workouts, and always stay hydrated in the sun!