Fitness | October 4th 2016

Studio Spotlight: Bari Studio

We’re so excited to introduce the Studio Spotlight series here at HBFIT. Each month, we’re going to be featuring one of our favorite NYC fitness studios, so you can get the low-down on fun workouts and come sweat with us around the city. Each studio will also be providing a discount for our #HBFITGirls.

This month, we interviewed The Bari Studio, a long time favorite here at HBFIT. Read all about the Bari Babes below, and don’t forget to check out their classes, using code HBFIT for 20% off one purchase.

What is Bari studio?

Named “NYC’s Best Hybrid Workout” by New York Magazine, Bari is the unicorn of workouts. Fun, effective, and addictive, its cutting-edge formula combines dance cardio, trampoline cardio, and muscle sculpting to deliver unparalleled results in record time. A serious workout that doesn’t actually feel like working out — it’s everything you wanted and then some.

What would you say to a beginner who might be intimidated to take a class?

Take it at your own pace! One of the great things about Bari is that you’re working with your own weight and can take it at your own speed. You’re not in a machine or a treadmill — you’re working with what you’re bringing that day. So get clear on where you are, and work there. Every time you come you will feel stronger, more coordinated, and more familiar with the technique. You don’t walk into a yoga class and do a headstand the first day — be patient and believe in yourself. Practice, commit, and you will fall in love with your body and your workout.


How does Bari’s vibe as a studio differ from other studio cultures?

Two things: our community and our fun factor. The community: We’ve been a tribe long before it became the buzzword of 2016 — and for good reason. Our people — both the Bari team and our clients — are at the core of who we are as a brand. We believe in vibes, tribes, and the like attracting the like — and we think our stellar community is proof of energetics in action. The fun factor: The workout is no joke, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We bounce on trampolines, dance, and — even when we’re toning — move to the beat of the music. We create workout experiences that our clients look forward to.

This month at HBFIT is all about empowerment. How does the Bari method make you feel empowered, both in the studio and out?

Our mission is to empower people to make their own rules, write their own stories, and live deliriously happy lives. How do we make that happen? First, people fall in love with the Bari workout and make it part of their lives. Once someone comes consistently, they get in great shape and that gives people a huge confidence boost: you feel pretty and you feel sexy, but you also feel strong, accomplished and prepared to take on more challenges. You know you did this and are excited about what more you can do. You start walking into your boardroom — and your bedroom — sure of yourself, loving yourself. And finally, you start making decisions that make you truly happy — not because someone expects it of you or because you think that’s what’s you’re supposed to do — but because you’re strong and confident and love yourself. It’s a truly magical process, one we believe in deeply and the reason Bari exists.

What jams are playing in the studio right now?

Cold Water – Major Lazer + Justin Bieber
Closer – The Chainsmokers
This Girl – Kungs Vs. Cookin’ On 3 Burners

What’s one thing you wish more people knew about Bari?

Bari will adapt to you while you adapt to Bari. Love cardio and don’t want to do a toning class? Take our cardio classes. Intimidated by the trampoline? Take a class that doesn’t involve one. You tell yourself you’re not coordinated? Start with toning! Once you fall in love with the way we move, you’ll start falling in love with yourself and believing in yourself and what you’re capable of. You’ll feel strong enough, physically, and mentally, to go outside your comfort zone and try something that you thought would intimidate you at first. The important step is to commit to the studio and community, everything else will happen organically and you will enjoy every second of the journey.


Big thank you to our Bari Babes — we love you guys!