Fitness | February 2nd 2017

Studio Spotlight: Box + Flow

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be boxing and flowing all month long at our Studio Spotlight, Box + Flow.  If you’ve never put high-intensity boxing and calming yoga in the same sentence, try putting them in the same class! We love that this studio combines two workouts that are so unexpected, but work so well together. We connected with Olivia Young, founder of the studio, and asked her all about the Box + Flow mission and message, and we can’t wait to share what she told us. Come fight and flow with us all month long, as Box + Flow are offering 10% off with code COMEBACK on packs of 3, 5, and 10 classes!


We love how Box + Flow classes combine two workouts that no one would usually pair together by “bringing mindfulness to the fight.” Can you explain the philosophy behind the workout?
As humans, we have so much fight inside of us, but it’s important to let in some flow to allow things to manifest. Box + Flow is about finding your fire, your fight, your “will to win,” and “want for more.” It’s about realizing your potential and then letting it flow. The idea of bringing mindfulness to the fight is all about channeling your inner fight and flow. It’s important to ask yourself why you fight, what you are fighting for, as well as what AREN’T you fighting for. We want to bring some mindfulness to the ideas of complacency and potential, and living versus existing. We want you to fight for what fuels you, and then let it flow.


How did you come up with the idea for Box + Flow?
I have been practicing yoga for 15 years and boxing for 10, so everyday, that’s my balance. I’m a pretty hyperactive, high-energy person, so I need the adrenaline and intensity of boxing in my daily routine, but my mind and body crave yoga to slow me down. When we slow down, we can actually listen to our intuition and feelings. We all love the action of constantly moving, working, playing, and living, but it’s when we’re still that we can actually hear and feel what our bodies need.

I was always a girl who loved food and fitness. I moved to New York City after college for culinary school and then interned at Food + Wine Magazine. Soon after, I worked as brand director for Chef Michael White and the Altamarea Group for seven years. Boxing and yoga was my balance every morning before work. Boxing gave me my fire and my confidence to be in the boardroom and work hard every day, while yoga helped me slow down and feel more. It has given me a sense of softness and it allows me to feel. It was this combination and my daily routine that brought me create the concept for Box + Flow. I want to share Box + Flow with the world, to bring mindfulness to the fight, and to allow people to get messy by recognizing their fight and then let things flow. The front door of our studio says “Everything you need is inside” because it’s true. We have all the answers, and Box + Flow has all of the tools to get you there. 




Can you break down a typical class to someone who has never been before?
Our classes are done barefoot and the mats face each other to force a connection between one another. We do about eight minutes of shadowboxing with light weights, as we go through basic punches, defense moves, and a HIIT warmup to get the body going. Then, we do three to six rounds of combinations, intertwined with 3 minute rumble rounds to bring up the fire and adrenaline. These are speed and power intervals with partners on a bag. Then, before you rip your gloves and wraps off, we crawl onto mat for an eighteen minute juicy flow. We open up everything you just closed off to counteract the high impact with deep breathing and slower flowing movements. The goal is to leave balanced in your mind, body and soul.

We love the Box + Flow philosophy about “choosing to fight and choosing to flow.” How do you hope Box + Flow classes will influence peoples’ mindsets and choices after they leave the studio?
I hope that people leave as a better version of themselves, with balanced empowerment, not too much fight, not too much flow, but that leveled strength. We call it swagger. We want you to be strong but soft, so you can take on the world with bravado and ease.

How does Box + Flow’s vibe as a studio differ from other studio cultures?
Box + Flow is sexy. We mix fierce boxing with a certain softness. It’s from a woman’s perspective but it’s gender neutral. It’s for women who aren’t afraid to get messy and for men who aren’t ashamed to flow and tap into their softer side. Once you walk into our studio, you’ll see the sexy vibe we’re going for, from the lighting, to our dark chocolate leather bags mixed with black leather, to the roses lining the walls. The intention words are reminders in between bags for when class (and life) gets tough. We flow through the fight everyday, not only during class.


Do you have to have any prior experience in boxing or yoga to take a class? What would you say to a beginner who might be intimidated to take their first class?
This workout is for beginners and experts, and the more you come take classes, the more enjoyable they become. The best fighters are dancers because they have a rhythm to their fight. Technique becomes second nature and they can just breathe and flow. To first-timers I would say, EVERYONE is welcome. Don’t be scared! Just #flowthruthefight. Take a risk and try something new! Everything is scary the first time we do it.

How do you want people to feel after a workout at Box + Flow?
Confident but cool. A better version of themselves. A balanced empowerment. #Swagger.

What are some of the jams currently playing in the studio?
During the rumble rounds, we usually play anything from Eminem, Meek Mil, Justin Bieber, Chainsmokers, and Nirvana. When we flow, we usually play slower jams, like Bon Iver, Frank Ocean, John Mellencamp and The Lumineers.


Our theme of the month here at HBFIT is LOVE. How does love factor into the Box + Flow philosophy?
Box + Flow is all love. It’s about opening your heart, opening your mind, opening your fire, and channeling your fight. It’s about love for yourself and for others, and #flowingthruthefight to get there. We strongly believe that if you need to love yourself before loving anyone or anything else. Box + Flow is about finding your confidence, your passion, your fight, and then flowing through. It’s about loving yourself.

Box + Flow is new to the Noho area and we couldn’t be happier to have you guys in the neighborhood! What’s next for you guys?
We’re just about 3 months old, so who knows? The sky is the limit! Ultimately, I’d love to spread the Box + Flow message to as many people as possible. People need to fight and they need to flow. I’m all about balance in my work, love, and life, so I’m going to lead with that and #flowthruthefight.