Health | June 4th 2018

Studio Spotlight: BurnAlong

We are so excited to highlight BurnAlong for our June Studio Spotlight. BurnAlong is a streaming service that’s available everywhere you stream, with access to over 800 classes across 25 categories. You can also stream with friends anywhere in the world. Best part? They’re giving HBFIT newsletter subscribers a sweet deal. 

To activate your discount: Click here. Choose Annual plan. Input your coupon code from the HBFIT newsletter to get an annual membership for just $39 (almost 70% discount) for unlimited access to all classes.Start taking classes online, or via the BurnAlong iOS and Android (and very soon Kindle Apps). Note: to use the discount code you must sign up online, but then you can download and use the apps after.

What is BurnAlong?

BurnAlong is the first app for your smartphone, tablet, computer, or smart-tv that helps you workout wherever you can, whenever you’ve got the time, with anybody you want. It’s the proven way to stick to, and achieve, your health and fitness goals. Be among the 8% of the country that sticks to their New Year’s Resolutions.

You get unlimited access to hundreds of classes created by an unparalleled network of hundreds of personal instructors, trainers, and other fitness and wellness professionals from across the country. No gym or studio membership is required.  hundreds of gyms and studios.

Just pick a class (more than 800 classes across 25 + categories) and exercise alone, or invite up to 3 friends to workout with you through live video.

In the morning take a Pilates class from New York City, in the afternoon a HIT class from Greensboro, North Carolina, and in the evening at yoga class from Annapolis, Maryland. Take those classes alone, or invite friends from across the country – or anywhere in the world – to join you in live private sessions.

It’s unparalleled and unlimited choice, plus motivation from the people you love.

Who is BurnAlong for?
BurnAlong is used by people ranging from current professional athletes to people in their 90s with health challenges. Because we partner with hundreds of local fitness and wellness instructors, there’s literally something for the whole family: From prenatal to mommy and me, to cardio, bootcamps, yoga, and Pilates, to mindfulness and nutrition, to classes for people with back-pain or chronic illnesses. We love the fact that families use BurnAlong together.

Simply put, BurnAlong is for everyone.

What monthly packages do you offer? Can I add to these packages throughout the month?

Regular membership for BurnAlong is $14.99 a month or $120 a year, for unlimited access to all classes and programs.

As part of a limited-time special offer, HBFit readers can get BurnAlong for just $39 for an entire year (almost 70% off) for unlimited access to all classes and instructors


Can I use BurnAlong in other countries or cities?

You can use BurnAlong anywhere in the world. In fact, you can invite friends anywhere in the world to join you in live private sessions too.

We have people working out live with friends across 4 continents!

What makes BurnAlong a better option than a regular gym membership, or other streaming services?

Time (or rather busy lives) prevents most people going to the gym or studio in person as often as we want – or at all. But while other leading streaming services compete with brick and mortar, we partner.  It’s like in the music industry, the online compliments rather than competes with the in-person. So it’s a great way to stay connected with your favorite local trainer if you have one (or a way to find one!) when you can’t make it together in person.

And unlike every other streaming service, we bring you your friends live if you want. And when we say live, we mean live: You can actually see and speak to each other in real-time. You’re more likely to show up for a workout if a friend is waiting for you – and you’re more likely to push harder if a friend is working out with you.

The biggest reason to use BurnAlong is that it works. We’re used by some of the world’s top brands for their employees, and our participation results are 5X higher than the national average.

What kind of classes do you offer? What are some of your most popular classes?

You name the class, BurnAlong offers it. From bootcamps and barre, to sleep yoga and mindfulness, to cycling, to cardio, to dance, to Pilates, to yoga, to boxing. There’s even physical therapy. There are more than 25 different categories of classes, as well as programs and guidance for beginners through to professionals. New classes are added almost every day.

Barre, yoga, cardio, bootcamps, and weight loss programs are very popular. But so are some areas that many people might not have ever heard of – like sleep yoga, as well restorative and rehabilitation classes.

If you could give one piece of advice for someone to feel their best in and out of a workout, what would that be?

Think about why you’re doing it. What’s your why? Is it to get ready for a special event? Is it because you want to have more energy for family and friends? Is it because your doctor told you? Keep your why front and center, and that way every step you take (pun-intended) brings you a step closer to your goal – that will always make you feel good – and keep you going.