Fitness | March 6th 2017

Studio Spotlight: ChaiseFitness

This month is all about strength, and we’re super excited to feature ChaiseFitness  as our Studio Spotlight at HBFIT. ChaiseFitness is all about providing fitness for everyone, whether you’re an athlete, a dancer, or a beginner just looking to get in a good sweat! We love that their fusion workouts incorporate so many different muscle groups and get you moving in new ways. Plus, for the entire month of March, HBFIT readers are getting 20% off a 5-pack or 10-pack purchase at Chaise with the code hbfit20. Book a class and come get stronger with us! 


Can you explain ChaiseFitness to someone who has never been before?

At ChaiseFitness, we reinvent your workout regime. We blend Pilates, ballet, and strength training with our chair and overhead bungees. Our patented fusion of workouts targets all your muscles so that you feel stronger and healthier after every class.

We love that ChaiseFitness uniquely combines aspects of Pilates, ballet, and strength training into each class. Can you explain the philosophy behind the studio? 

We believe that anyone can be fit—no matter what skill level or body type. This belief inspired the creation of our patented Reinvention Method, which is for everyone—the athlete, the dancer, the beginner, the advanced, the rebuilder. We blend Pilates, ballet, and strength training and equip you with a chair and overhead bungees so that you work out all your muscles every time.

We also love how ChaiseFitness offers several different types of classes, from TRX, to reformer, to bandwork, to bootcamp-style classes. What’s your most popular class? 

We really try to offer our clients a variety in the types of classes we offer. It is a true boutique fitness experience. This allows them to have one place they workout, while mixing it up throughout the week between cardio and sculpting focused classes. Because all of our classes are under the umbrella of The Reinvention Method the clients no matter what class they are taking still are working on building lone lean muscles, strong cores, and improving their posture and balance. There is a class for everyone, but I would say our signature two classes Chaise Reinvention and Cardio are still very popular, while our newer offerings such as ChaiseBands and Chaise BandsSculpt are gaining lots of fans!


What is the Reinvention Method? How does it differ from a typical Pilates class? 
What makes ChaiseFitness stand out is our unique patented system, The Reinvention Method, made up of the overhead bungee system combined with a fitness chair. This system provides the framework in which we continually develop new programming (right now we have 8 unique classes) fusing together Pilates, ballet, strength training and aerobics. We not only focus on building long, lean, and sculpted muscles, we help clients improve their posture, spinal health, core stability and strength due to the overhead bungee system. While our classes are based on traditional Pilates technique and movements, when ChaiseFitness was initially started my mom always wanted to “get Pilates off its back and bring it into the modern upbeat vibe of New York City.” Our classes are dynamic, fun, movement and dance based, but still offer all the benefits of traditional Pilates. Adding the overhead bungee system transforms the typical Pilates chair and makes it into a full, body-sculpting, body-transforming workout where you can break a sweat, burn fat and calories, and build the long lean muscles like a dancer.
How does the vibe at ChaiseFitness differ from other studio cultures? 

We work very hard on creating a supportive, non-intimidating, and intimate atmosphere for all of our clients. ChaiseFitness is a family business, it was started by my mom (Lauren Piskin) and myself. Chaise is an extension of our family and that lends itself in creating a strong sense of community, which is why it is important that we always have small class sizes (a max of 18 at our FiDi studio) to ensure all clients get hands on corrections, connect with the instructor, and most importantly learn how to work in proper form! The biggest thing that makes our programming stand out is that all of our classes are FUN!

Do you have to have any prior experience to take a class at ChaiseFitness? What would you say to a beginner who might be intimidated to take their first class? 

No, you do not need any prior experience in Pilates, Dance, etc. to take a class at ChaiseFitness. Most of our classes are mixed level, all the instructors are able to offer modifications for newbies while offering advanced options for Chaise regulars. If a new client feels intimidated I always recommend the option of trying a private session before hand; however, if budget doesn’t allow that don’t worry! All new clients are asked to arrive 15 minutes early to their first chair class so you can get a one-on-one introduction to the chair, bungees, and method.


How do you want people to feel after a workout at ChaiseFitness? 

I want people to leave Chaise with the feeling that they not only had a fun, full body workout, but they also feel they are standing taller and feel their muscles stronger and lengthened!

What are some of the jams currently playing in the studio?

These are some of my favorite songs right now:”Living Out Load” by Brooke Candy feating Sia, “Issues” by Julia Michaels, “Million Reasons” by Lady Gaga, and of course I have to throw an oldie remix in the mix “Vogue” by Madonna (Skin Bruno Radio Club Remix)


Our theme of the month here at HBFIT is STRENGTH. What’s one tip you would give to women who are looking to get stronger? 

Just because there are all these fitness options now doesn’t mean you have to do all of them to get stronger. Too many people are injuring themselves and not seeing results because they are in fact “mixing it up” too much! Give your body a chance to see results and get good at something by committing yourself to a select number of workouts. You will feel stronger and more successful if you take this approach to your fitness routine.

Chaise Fitness currently has a few studios in New York and New Jersey, and we can’t wait to see what’s next. What are you guys looking forward to in the future?

We will continue to be inspired by our clients, which help us continue to develop new classes and programming. We are also excited to grow into new markets outside NYC through our franchising!