Fitness | April 2nd 2018

Studio Spotlight: ClassPass

We are so excited to feature ClassPass for our April Studio Spotlight. ClassPass is a fitness service that provides global access to 8,500 studios (including yoga, barre and boxing) in 50 cities. Read on for more insight from ClassPass Founder Payal Kadakia Pujji and subscribe to our newsletter to receive a *very special* discount when signing up for ClassPass.

What is ClassPass?

ClassPass is a monthly subscription service providing access to the world’s largest network of boutique fitness studios and gyms.  With over 8,500 partners worldwide, ClassPass connects members to a variety of fitness experiences, including yoga, cycling, Pilates, barre, running, strength training, dance, sports, videos and more.  

Who is ClassPass for?

ClassPass is for anyone looking to diversify their workout routine or anyone just getting started with fitness.  Many of our members were new to boutique classes before joining ClassPass, so it’s a great entry point for trying different fitness experiences.


What monthly packages do you offer? Can I add to these packages throughout the month?

ClassPass has three different packages based on how often you plan to go to class, and you can also always purchase additional credits or top up if you want to workout more within a given month.  

Can I use ClassPass in other countries or cities?

Yes, members can use ClassPass in any of our 50 cities internationally by simply adjusting their city location when traveling.  

What makes ClassPass a better option than a regular gym membership?

ClassPass gives members more flexibility in how, when and where they chose to work out while connecting them to a broader fitness community.  We know people fall in love with the variety of options that ClassPass offers, and on average members try 26 different classes a year.

What kind of classes do you offer? What are some of your most popular classes?

ClassPass offers options from Strength Training to Yoga and everything in between, and we are constantly curating new partners to join the platform that continue to help our members stay active and connected to themselves.  We’ve also recently launched ClassPass Live, a first of its kind interactive at-home video workout, giving members even more ways to work out when they can’t make it to a studio.   

With regards to recent trends, we’ve seen meditation, restorative and recovery classes grow the most in the past year, and ClassPass is actively testing Wellness inventory in New York with options like massages, facials, cryotherapy and more.

If you could give one piece of advice for someone to feel their best in and out of the studio and class, what would that be?

Always chase your passion and the things that energize and light you up inside.  It’s really easy to get caught up in busy schedules and our to-do lists, but it’s so important to prioritize time for ourselves doing the things that get back to the core of who we are.