Beauty | March 1st 2019

Studio Spotlight: FaceGym

We can’t wait for you guys to try out this month’s Studio Spotlight. FaceGym is a…different type of workout – for your face. While their treatments look like facials, they really are workouts for the muscles in your face. Their trainers use complex kneading, massage, and technology to work and tighten your face muscles, helping you maintain a lifted and youthful glow. Best part? They’re offering HBFIT newsletter subscribers 25% workouts for the month of February.

What distinguishes FaceGym from other types of facials (is it even a facial?!)?

FaceGym is a workout not a facial and is unlike any facial on the market, instead of extracting pores or working on the skin, our face workouts work on the muscles behind the skin to refresh, revitalize the skin but also to lift, tone and contour. Stronger muscles means tighter, firmer skin and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

Walk us through what a FaceGym newbie can expect from their first visit.

Your Face Trainer will take you through an intake form to understand your skin goals and concerns to tailor the workout per your needs. You will then blend a customized Training Serum at our Make It Bar based of your lifestyle with skin and scent boosters.  This Training Serum will be used by your trainer in your workout at FaceGym and for you to use at home in between workouts.

We have created a unique “muscle manipulation” technique to tone, tighten and sculpt the face. We have amalgamated massage, muscle manipulation, and technology to create a unique service that really works.

In the warm up and cardio phase the trainer delivers knuckling, face balling, high-speed hand whipping, flicking and pinching, we have a special range of custom moves that range from “animal fingers”, “caterpillar” and “barbering” over the entire face and neck to ‘the 40+ muscles in your face, releasing tension where tight, stressed muscles begin to soften whilst stimulating circulation. The cardio piece is all about detoxing and “making your face sweat”

The trainer then uses deep finger sculpting and lifting techniques paying particular attention to the mighty masseter muscle in your jaw to release tension and re define your jawline!

A ‘micro-contouring’ technique is also used to lift the, jaw, cheekbone, and eye area paying particular attention to the Zygomaticus to give you the most enviable lifted cheekbones! A much gentler technique is used around the eye muscle (Orbicularis Oculi) to lift and sculpt the whole eye area reducing any unwanted puffiness.

During the cool down we use a cooling guasha stone to take some of the heat out of your face and drain away toxins lengthening and cooling down the muscles which have just been worked out!

What are the different types of services or treatments you offer?

We have seven different workouts with muscle manipulation and deep tissue massage at the core of each of these workouts and the option to add in high-tech tools to amplify the results ranging including the FaceGym Pro, Skin IV, Radio Frequency and Cryo Oxygen.

The latest technology we launched is Skin IV which applies a range of medical grade vitamins, acids and skin rejuvenating ingredients to the face with pressurized oxygen at 200 m/s to the skin to penetrate into the dermal layers of the skin which are primarily made of collagen and elastin.  This allows the next gen ingredients to achieve real depth through supersonic pressure, which is so strong that it penetrates the skin and allows for maximal absorption to the subdermal layer without even touching the skin. The fact that it’s combined with oxygen allows Skin IV to stimulate micro-circulation and lymphatic draining while the cooling application assists with lymphatic drainage and shrinks pores.  Skin IV acts as a reset for your skin – allowing your healthy complexion to shine!

Which services do you recommend for first timers?

Our Signature Electrical workout is the most popular among first timers.  This 40 minute workout with our signature techniques use vigorous knuckling movements and high energy whipping strokes to stimulate blood circulations, collagen production and cell renewal to lift, tone and tighten the face. It gets your skin sweating and detoxed, leaving it toned and energized. Results are amplified with high performance skincare products and non-invasive technology. Our FaceGym Pro is a unique electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) devise that emits mild, yet forceful electrical waves to stimulate muscles, contour cheekbones and restore skin’s elasticity.

Why is working out your face important?

We all know that to improve muscle tone in our bodies, we have to activate them – and the face it no different! There are over 40 muscles in the face that we refer to as ‘the forgotten 40’ and at FaceGym our trainers work with clients to tighten, tone and lift these muscles to keep you looking your best in an non-invasive and effective way.  A 2018 study by Northwestern University found that 30 minutes of daily facial exercises—also called “face yoga”—can improve the appearance of middle-aged women. The moves can plump up cheeks, reduce visible signs of aging, and tone the shape of one’s face. We believe Muscle stimulation is the holy grail, hence muscle manipulation whether that be with unique hand-based protocols or technology is at the heart of what we do, and day in day out we see visible lifts in our customer’s complexions from increased facial muscle tone.

Do you sell any products?

Yes, we retail our own line which features the Training Serum which can be customized or one of our three ‘grab and go’ blends our Face Ball, Guasha Stone and Gold Roller. We also carry niche skincare brands hand-picked by our founder Inge Theron including  Royal Fern, Pestle & Mortar, Allies of Skin and Gee Beauty.

What do you want people to take away from their visit with you?

We want clients to leave feeling like the best version of themselves. We want clients to love looking in the mirror at the results and confident that they have a found a non-invasive results driven solution to aging gracefully and keeping their skin glowing.