Health | October 1st 2018

Studio Spotlight: HealHaus

To ring in Alternative Healing month here at HBFIT, we are so excited to feature HealHaus as our Studio Spotlight. HealHaus is a Brooklyn-based studio that offers a wide range of holistic wellness services – everything from yoga to one-to-one sessions (including therapy, acupuncture, massage, and more), and a cafe. HealHaus is all about community and that’s why we are so excited to offer a special HBFIT discount – sign up for our newsletter for all the details.

Tell us about HealHaus. 

HealHaus is a wellness concept and cafe in Brooklyn, NY. It’s the only 1100 sq. ft. holistic health and healing space in Brooklyn with a cafe and indoor/outdoor group programming areas. In addition to the upstairs cafe and programming area, it boasts an additional 700 sq.ft downstairs, which includes two private practitioner rooms and an amazing backyard deck. The healing space in Brooklyns’ Clinton Hill neighborhood features a wellness bar and cafe seating at its storefront, that serves curated teas, smoothies, elixirs and coffee alternatives. The wellness bar has 4-5 healthy baked goods (muffins, cookies, etc) for sale daily, with plans to grow the food section and holistic product line. We also recently launched our packaged teas and elixirs and plan to sell the products through retail and online outlets later in the year. HealHaus offers up to 6 daily group yoga and meditation classes led by some of New York’s best and experienced instructors.

What kind of classes do you offer?

We offer a full range of beginner and more advanced yoga and meditation classes. Our teachers specialize in various yoga styles such as vinyasa, yin, kemetic, and hatha.

How is HealHaus different from other yoga studios?

HealHaus is different because its not just a yoga studio.  We are complete healing space that specializes in various healing modalities. Yoga is just one of the practices that we incorporate into the space. We have daily classes (yoga and meditation), workshops, practitioner services and panel discussions held at the space.

What kind of private sessions do you offer?

We offer such services as acupuncture, cupping, massage therapy, individual and couples psychotherapy, reiki and tarot card readings.

Why is it important to you to offer a range of treatments/classes?

We believe by offering a full range of classes and services it allows people to truly heal their mind, body and spirit.  We want people to come to HealHaus and feel that it’s a one-stop show for them.

Who is the HealHaus visitor?

There is no one type of HealHaus visitor. We are building a diverse community of people that make up different ages, races, gender and sexual orientations.  This is also what separates HealHaus from other spaces that don’t feel inclusive or reflective of the neighborhoods they exist in.

How do you want people to feel when leaving HealHaus?

HealHaus is meant to be an inviting space for everyone and a place of community.  We are committed to building a community and movement to help change the stigma attached to holistic health and healing.  We want people to feel like they have found a new home when they leave.